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Cops and robbers, there ain't any difference 'tween the two!

Cops Baljit Singh and Vijay Kumar of the Punjab police have an unproud tale to tell.

Of being arrested for trying to rob -- nay, robbing -- a Jallandhar school clerk. And then opening fire in their bid to escape.

Ajit Singh Sukhi had withdrawn Rs 122,000 from the bank and was nearing his school when the cops turned robbers. Singh and Kumar, who had been following him from the bank, crowded him, snatched the satchel containing the school's cash, and cut!

Unfortunately for them, the residents of the Suchi Pind locality -- which was where it all happened -- had spontaneous reactions. Thus, hardly had the incident taken place than the duo found the public on their heels, yelling the Punjabi equivalent of 'Stop thief!'

But the thiefs did not stop. They ran on.

The chase continued till, a little while later, the errant duo, both wheezing like asthmatics, stopped, pulled out their guns, and let loose a couple of shots at their 'followers'.

Luckily, as their aim was as bad as their stamina, nothing untoward happened -- guns dangling from limp hands, they stood there, two wheezing ducks for Surinder Singh and Subhash Chander (part of the crowd) to overpower, disarm and frog-march to the nearest police station.

For their bravery, Surinder and Subhash have been awarded Rs 15,000 each and commendation certificates.

Baljit Singh (who was a securityman for a local judge) and Vijay Kumar (who joined the force just two months ago), meanwhile, are enjoying a well-deserved rest in the local cooler.


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