Vir Sanghvi

At 23, he was already founder-editor of Bombay magazine. He then moved on to edit Imprint before taking over Sunday magazine which he has edited for more than 12 years. 'Tikoo' Sanghvi now divides his time between print and television where he anchors a number of successful programmes.

Big boomerang theory
'Now that Sharad Pawar's dreams have been shattered, I find myself strangely unable to laugh. Instead, I feel sorry for him. How could a man who is so pleased with his own deviousness and cunning have got it so wrong?'

No way to treat a lady!
'You only have to look at the way in which it has conducted its campaign to recognise that you can take the candidates out of their knickers but you can't take the knickers out of the BJP's mindset.'

Bofors' ghosts
'It is now 12 years since I started following Bofors. Everything about the deal now seems curiously dated. Even the money involved -- Rs 640 million -- is peanuts by today's standards. Worse still, I've come to the conclusion that no political party has any interest in the truth.'

Crooks and Gucci loafers
'For much of the last month, the Congress has been engaged in the futile task of trying to prove that Vajpayee has made money out of telecom or sugar. After a record of 40 years in politics, during which not the slightest breath of financial scandal has attached itself to him, nobody is going to take this charge seriously.'

If Vajpayee wins, can Hindutva be far behind?
'Voting for Vajpayee, India may end up getting the agenda he despises.'

Sonia in camera
'Sonia has Rajiv Gandhi's strongest quality: on a one-to-one level, she's almost impossible to dislike. What a shame then, that she locked herself away from the media for so long?'

Hear us, Madame Censor
'How does it make sense to argue that an illiterate person can decide who will be the next prime minister of India but has no right to gaze deeply at Sushmita Sen's navel?'

Will she, won't she?
'The turning point was when Sonia stopped trusting her own instincts and bought the working committee's line that the Vajpayee government had to be brought down.'

It's a reveille in Kargil
'RAW's intercepts in Pakistan yield up to 60 cassettes of conversations every day. This is a marvel of intelligence. But then, the Indian flatfoot takes over. The staff has to transcribe, translate, collate and analyse what it all means. It was at these levels RAW failed.'

Flight of fancy: Caretaker govt displays unseemly hurry to buy ATR-42 aircraft for Indian Airlines
'Why is the caretaker government so eager to spend Rs 4.4 billion of taxpayers' money before the election? Why can't it do the decent thing and wait for an elected government to take the decision?'

Resemblance of things past
'The historical parallel for Kargil may turn out to be 1971 rather than 1962.'

Sonia Gandhi is Indian by choice
'By asking Sonia to continue as Congress president, Sangma and Pawar have conceded that the vast majority of the people of India regard her as one of us.'

Is ours not to reason why?
Enough of Westminster
Whatever happened to Hindutva?
Threshold of a dream
Oh, not to be in Calcutta
Hand that rocks the nation
Mr Walker's last mile
Those who live by the sword
Neither gentlemen nor players
Action stations
Maneka's motives, BJP's 'mission'!
Question of unanswerables
Blessed are those who wait
A Kill Before Dying
On a sticky wicket
Till the moment of reckoning
A case for conversion
We told you so!
The Fuehrer of Bombay
Midnight massacre of a mid-term megaboard
The nonsense of reservation
If he can get his act together, Vajpayee may emerge as a winner
Congress must draw inspiration from Nehru's achievements, not Indira's mistakes
Question of survival
Don bad man
Small bang, big whimper
Clever, Crude, Communal
The buck stops here
Rape Is Murder
Man for all reasons
When does it become improper for a minister to hold office?
Who killed Rajiv?
Inder Gujral has only about a year in office -- at best
If Sonia Gandhi can manage with three SPG men in an unmarked Ambassador, then Subodh Kant Sahay can do with less
No NGO has the right to pillory Pooja for refusing to
do what it says

Isn't it time we stopped choosing our prime ministers
on the basis of their inoffensiveness?

If a cop has planted evidence all his life to win cases,
then why shouldn't he plant evidence to save his skin?

Who decides whose phone is to be tapped?
For god's sake act like a humble farmer, if you are one!
After the Budget, the Congress finds itself out manoeuvred
Privatise DD now!
The Broadcast Bill confuses control with regulation
Nobody believes that Deve Gowda has misused the
prime ministership for his own ends

Whom did Chadha and Quattrocchi pay off?
It's time to examine our attitude to foreign investment
Kesri and Rao: Is a new evil better than the old one?
1997: A year of political upheavals, midnight dramas,
sudden resignations and declarations of
withdrawal of support

History will be kinder to Narasimha Rao
Delays in choosing top bureaucrats belittle the job
It takes the courts five years to declare a man innocent and
only five minutes to send him to jail without trial

Should seats in Parliament be reserved on the basis of gender?
Footnote to history
How long will Deve Gowda last?
Justice and Kanshi Ram
The opposition to Miss World seems to me to be a symbol
of sickness in our society

The campaign against Husain makes every Hindu feel small
The middle class wants to see politicians in jail and doesn't
care whether they've been convicted of a crime or not

Does Vajpayee have the guts to condemn the VHP?