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World can't afford failure of Indian democracy: Sibal

January 29, 2013 01:22 IST

"India is going through a transformation that I haven't seen in my life happens so quickly," said Minister for Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal, who was the chief guest at India's 64th Republic Day celebrations hosted by the Federation of Indo Americans of Northern America on January 27 in Newark, California.

He said that the reason for transformation is the revolution in the information and communication technology.

“It has brought the world to door step of every Indian. They see the world is changing, but do not see their own life changing. And they ask themselves a question, when will my life change?” he said. "That is bringing about an inspirational revolution in our country," said Sibal.

Sibal said, "People expect work to be done like instant coffee. It's very difficult for the political establishment to deliver immediately, because we live with 1.2 billion people." He lauded Dr Romesh Japra, cardiologist, FIA, founder and chairman, and the Indian American community for celebrating the Republic Day in the United States

"It's an absolute delight that the Indian American community celebrates Republic Day with so much splendour -- I am deeply moved by that," he said.

“The Indian republic is the most complex democracy in the world because people of all races, and religion live there. It's the bosom of a multi-racial and multi-religious world. There is no community in the world that is not represented in India in one form or other. And in the midst of all that, the government is able to manage contradictions and try to take India forward,” he said.

"I don't think such an experiment has taken place in the history of the democratic world. There is no country in the history of civilisation that has to meet these challenges of complex multi-racial and multi-linguistic society.  I am saying this because Indian Americans have made them proud and made sure that the Tricolour flies high," said Sibal, drawingapplause from the 200-plus attendees," he said.

"We have a strategic partnership with America, and it's a great partnership," he added.

He added, "The reason I say is because you must realise that the failure of the Indian democracy would be the end of democracy in the world, because it would be the failure of 1.2 billion people. The world cannot afford it; America cannot afford it. As you are sitting here, you should realise that you have a stake in that democracy, and you must contribute your mind to make it succeed."

Sibal is in Silicon Valley and would be speaking to The Indus Entrepreneurs members, "It's a private meeting with the TiE charter members," Paul Singh, marketing chair and TiEcon convener told

Picture: (from left) Congressman Mike Honda, Congressman Eric Swalwell, Rajesh Verma, president FIA, Romesh Japra,FIA chairman and Consul General N Parthasarathi.

Photograph: Ritu Jha

Ritu Jha in Newark, California