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Will the NaMo factor work in Rajasthan?

September 18, 2013 17:08 IST

Will the BJP get an advantage because of Modi in Rajasthan by using NaMo factor to the hilt in promoting the party in dessert state, Shahnawaz Akhtar reports from Jaipur

Not only does Gujarat share its border with Rajasthan, it has several other similarities too. Last time when Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the recently anointed prime ministerial candidate for the Bharatiya Janata Party was in Jaipur to address a rally, he pointed out similarities to strike a chord, while the party’s chief minister candidate for Rajasthan --Vasundhra Raje, highlighted Modi’s works.

Needless to say, the rally witnessed a huge gathering. So, it is likely that Rajasthan will have a major impact because of the saffron brigade’s PM nominee.

In his speech, while talking the depreciating value of rupee, Modi mentioned that it is only the people of Rajasthan and Gujarat who can understand the true value of the Rupee.

With the kind of response Modi got in Jaipur, BJP leaders are feeling that the NaMo wave is going make the party get an advantage in the forthcoming assembly elections.

But political observers are skeptical about Modi going to be a major winning factor in the desert state. They also cite the example of recent resignation of former spokesperson Sunil Bhagava from party, who did not reconsider his decision despite Modi’s recent tour.

Bhargava even termed state president Vasundhra Raje ‘autocrat’. While they say several others are still unhappy with the way Raje is functioning. Considering all this they feel that the Modi impact is not going to be of much help to the BJP in Rajasthan.

Congress state president Chandrabhan Singh, without citing any reason says, “Modi will not have any impact on Rajasthan polls and it is just media hype.”

Senior journalist and political observer Om Saini also terms it as media hype.  “Udaipur division which shares major border areas with Gujrat has been tribal areas and it is a Congress strong hold. In these areas there is no sign of Modi’s charm working,” he said. 

Saini adds it may have some impact around Jaipur city, but Congress has pulled up its socks and is working together for the first time to counter BJP leaders.

However, social activist like Asfaque Kayamkhani do not rule out Modi impact and says that that impact will be strongest in the urban areas. However he also adds, “For BJP golden time was post Babri Masjid (1992), when there was a combination of soft and hard hinduvta faces like Atal Bihari Vajpai and Advani (LK). But then also BJP could not come to power in Rajasthan.”

“Actually, Modi’s is only charming to urban and swaran (Brahmin) ideology people and I do not think he will be major factor for others. And the people who are getting attracted to him vote in less number while rural voters are untouched from him,” he explains.

He also added that because Raje is repeatedly using Modi and Gujrat name in he rallies, Muslim will now get more polarized and will vote anybody but the saffron brigade. As the Rajasthani proverb says, it’s difficult to say which side camel will sit, so for final result we will just have to wait and watch.


Shahnawaz Akhtar