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When Navy Chief Touched His Mother's Feet

December 01, 2021 10:41 IST

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Admiral Radhakrishnan Hari Kumar took charge as the 25th Chief of the Naval Staff.

Present to witness her son rise to the apex of the Indian Navy was his mother Vijayalakshmi Radhakrishnan.

In scenes we don't recall seeing earlier at the elevation ceremony of a previous service chief, Admiral Hari Kumar touched his mother's feet, then his proud mother gave her son an affectionate hug and kissed the medal that affirmed his promotion to admiral of the fleet on his chest.

Please click on the images to view a son's affectionate salutations to his mother.


Vice-Admiral R Hari Kumar

IMAGE: Admiral Hari Kumar seeks his mother's blessings after assuming charge as Chief of Naval Staff during the Handing and Taking over ceremony on the South Block lawns in New Delhi. Photographs: ANI Photo


Vice-Admiral R Hari Kumar

IMAGE: Mrs Vijayalakshmi Radhakrishnan hugs her son who will now steer the Indian Navy through the turbulent challenges of confronting China's naval ambitions.


Vice-Admiral R Hari Kumar

IMAGE: The tender smile on Mrs Radhakrishnan's face says it all.


Photographs curated by Anant Salvi/
Feature Presentation: Mahipal Soni/



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