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'Lessons of Indian history in UK anti-British, inaccurate'

December 27, 2006 18:44 IST
New lessons in Indian history for UK's school children announced in London on Wednesday are anti-British and expose children to sexually-explicit content on internet sites like that of Kama Sutra, the History Curriculum Association claimed.

Chris McGovern, the director of the HCA accused the government's curriculum advisers of a "politically correct" interpretation of Britain's imperial past based on false claims about wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.

The lesson plans published on Wednesday by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority -- entitled "How and why is the legacy of British rule in the Indian subcontinent interpreted in different ways" -- is supposed to take between 10 and 15 hours at the time taken to cover 20th century history.

McGovern said teachers would have to abandon other important events to the century if they follow the new unit about India's role in the British Empire and its struggle for independence.

He said teachers are told to direct pupils to Internet sites with links to material on the gender perspective of the history of India and "Indian genders and sexualities".

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday one link listed on this site takes users to a site run by Fordham University, the Jesuit university in New York, which has links to other sites containing the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text on sexual behaviour.

McGovern said the references to the Kama Sutra and "Indian genders" were part of a misguided attempt to encourage children, in the age group of 12-14 to understand history from different viewpoints.

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