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TRS promises 12 pc reservations to Muslims in separate Telangana

October 10, 2010 21:29 IST

A Mulsim would be made the deputy chief minister and 12 per cent reservations provided to the community after the formation of separate Telangana state, Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao said in Hyderabad on Sunday.

"A Muslim will be the deputy CM of Telangana and there will be four-five Muslim ministers. The community would also get 12 per cent reservation, which is their right," he said, addressing a group of Muslim leaders who joined the TRS.

Muslims remain backward in all spheres of life though all political parties talked big about their welfare, Rao said. Telangana had true secular culture with majority Hindus and Muslims living in perfect harmony but communal riots were organised in Andhra Pradesh as part of power politics, he alleged.

"Telangana region, from the Quli Qutub Shah rule to the seventh Nizam, had a true secular culture. Even Mahatma Gandhi praised the way Hindus and Muslim live together here. That is the beauty and greatness of Telangana," he said.

Successive governments in Andhra Pradesh never provided adequate funds for Muslim welfare and lands belonging to Waqf board in Hyderabad have been encroached upon, the TRS president alleged.

Asserting that no one can stop the formation of Telangana, he said adequate funds would be allocated for welfare of minorities and every inch of Waqf land would be protected after the separate state is formed, the TRS president said.

"Announcement regarding formation of separate has already been made. But a break has come. After the Sri Krishna committee submits its report by the end of this year, we will fight through peaceful non-cooperation movement in the way Mahatma Gandhi showed," he added.

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