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The Hugger is in Hamburg, folks!

By Uttam Ghosh
July 07, 2017 09:10 IST

:))) :)))

Uttams Take Free Hugs G20

Move aside Spidey!

Buzz off Iron Man!

Get Lost Captain America!

There's a new Super Hero in town.

The Hugger.

Measure the SH's success by his hugs at every encounter.

Donald was lucky to get two.

Bibi got hugs every time they met -- at one such clutchfest, five in a row, clearly a new record for leader bon homie.

The Hugger has now descended on Hamburg, as Uttam Ghosh points out in his Uttam's Take.

Donald, Emmanuel, Jacob, Shinzo, Vladmir... they can't wait to be hugged.

But wait, no hugs for Angela. The Hugger is really shy and doesn't hug the ladies.

And as for one bulky Chinaman in an ill-fitting suit, no chance of any hugs for him!


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