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Telangana is angry and will erupt in flames: KCR

By Mohammed Siddique
September 12, 2011 22:41 IST
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Telangana Rashtra Samiti and Telangana Joint Action Committee have set the tone for the indefinite mass strike from Tuesday with a massive show of strength in Karimnagar district.

More than 10 lakh people converged on Karimnagar, creating a massive traffic jam up to several kilometres on all the roads, as the top leadership of Telangana movement gave a clarion call to bring the normal life to a grinding halt.

TRS president KChandrasekhar Rao, addressing the mammoth gathering said that if the people of Telangana did not achieve Telangana now, they will never be able to raise their head and will have to live like salves of Andhra-Rayalseema regions.

"Everything has a limit. Our patience has now run out. Telangana is angry and it will not keep quiet now," he said.

"What are we demanding? We are asking you to respect the word you have given in the Parliament before the 120 crore people of this country. We are not asking any thing else," he said.

"We have no other option, no other alternative," he added.

KCR declared that apart from all the employees of the region, including the employees of the electricity department going on strike, all the people of Telangana should also come out to block the roads and organise rallies in each and every village, town and city of the region.

All the schools and colleges including the private institutions will also remain shut indefinitely from Tuesday. The TJAC has also called for the closure of all the cinema halls in the region to remain closed on September 14 and 15 to cause revenue loss to the government.

KCR announced that there will be a "Rail Roko" in the region in the due course and not a single train will be allowed to move. On the road-blockade day, a Manipur-like blockade would be imposed and all the communications with the other regions will be cut off.

KCR and TJAC convenor Prof Kodanda Ram warned the government against invoking ESMA or arresting a single government employee and their leaders. "If you do so, the entire region will react, and the government will be responsible for the consequences," KCR said.

He also warned the political leaders from Andhra against using foul language against. Telangana leaders and students. "Otherwise we will retaliate with stone for every brick," he said.

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