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Taliban cleric Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani killed in blast in Kabul

August 12, 2022 00:41 IST

Taliban cleric Sheikh Rahimullah Haqqani was killed in a blast which occured in Afghanistan's Kabul on Thursday, local media reported.

Tolo News quoting Bilal Karimi, a spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, reported that Haqqani was killed in a blast at his seminary in the capital.


Afghanistan has witnessed a series of blasts in recent weeks. The blasts have occurred in a number of areas in the capital city of Kabul including Chandawal, Pul-e-Sokhta and Sarkariz.

At least three people were killed and seven others suffered injuries in a blast that occurred near the Pul-e-Sokhta area in the west of Kabul on August 6 local media reported citing the statement of the commander of PD6 in Kabul, Mawlawi Zabihullah.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has condemned the recent blasts in Afghanistan that have killed and injured more than 120 people.

"Following the Islamic State-claimed blasts in Kabul in recent days that killed and injured more than 120 people, the UN family in Afghanistan urges greater security for minorities so that Ashura can be marked without further attacks," the UN Assistance Mission tweeted.

The US also condemned the ISIS-K-claimed attacks during Ashura, which targeted Hazara and Shia-majority areas in Kabul.

Since the Taliban regime took control of Afghanistan, blasts and attacks have become a regular affair with unabated human rights violations involving ceaseless murder of civilians, destroying mosques and temples, assaulting women, and fuelling terror in the region.

Last month, a bomb exploded near Karte Parwan Gurudwara in Kabul, a month after the holy place was attacked by members of the Islamic State. Religious minorities in Afghanistan, including the Sikh community, have been targets of violence in Afghanistan.

The human rights situation has been exacerbated by a nationwide economic, financial and humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale.

At least 59 per cent of the population is now in need of humanitarian assistance - an increase of 6 million people compared with the beginning of 2021, according to UNAMA.

Source: ANI