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So why was Rahul Gandhi on leave?

Last updated on: April 16, 2015 12:40 IST

Rahul Gandhi finally made his way home on Thursday after a 56-day long leave.

The Congress Veep (not Weep, geddit!) requested Mama (and party boss) Soniaji for leave of absence to 'reflect (did we hear reflect?) on recent events.'

Why did Rahul baba want leave?

Some likely possibilities in our opinion. Do pick your likely reason.

a. Woke up early for the Oscars... no time to sleep


b. Take inspiration for the Congress party's new anthem -- EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!


c. Take Delhi poll rout frustration on the Controller


d Update Twitter and Facebook


e. Off to search for space for new party office... on MARS


f. Working on a Roast on Modi and Kejriwal

Now make your pick: