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This article was first published 10 years ago

WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny

June 05, 2014 10:59 IST

Photographs: Getty Images

We bring you a fresh collection of the quirkiest news reports from around the world; from bum guards to dogs disrupting flights, we have it all.

A Korean woman had her face re-modelled to look like her idol, Miranda Kerr. Plastic surgery fan Hong Yuh Reum says it’s done wonders for her career as an international model. She featured on a Japanese TV special about plastic surgery where she said Kerr was her inspiration for undergoing the procedures. The model from South Korea has had multiple cosmetic surgery procedures to look like her idol, including operations on her surgery on her eyes and nose.

Duchess of Cambridge hires a bum guard

Photographs: Getty Images

Kate Middleton is so worried about preventing future bare bum pictures from being taken that she’s reportedly hired a ‘bum guard’. The Duchess was horrified when a German newspaper printed a sneaky picture of her bare bottom. The photographer had …

Garbage gets to glitter at Trashion Show

Photographs: Reuters

If you wanted designer duds, this fashion show was not the place. A fashion show on the roof a building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the New York City featured designers who used recycled items such as coffee filters, tissue paper, grain sacks and window screens.

French town marches for Big Macs

The French elite may scorn McDonald’s for what they see as an economic and gastronomic horror in the same bun, but citizens in a town in northern France have taken to the streets to demand a branch of the US fast food chain. Authorities in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, near Lille, have been asked to reverse their decision to suspend construction of a new outlet. Campaigners put up a Facebook page, which so far has garnered 4,000 “likes”, to persuade the local authorities to let work resume on the restaurant.

On your marks, get set, pie!

Photographs: Courtesy World Custard Pie Throwing website

Almost 50 competitors slugged it out at an event held annually in Maidstone, Kent, UK to become the world’s custard pie throwing champs. Teams from as far away as Germany and South Africa came in to take part in the tournament. The World Custard Pie Championships began in Coxheath in 1967 and were inspired by Charlie Chaplin, according to its website. The winners for this year were a group of men dressed as pensioners called The Grannies. 

Hotel built from salt

Photographs: Courtesy Palacio de Sal website

If you’re a craving a salty snack, it’s probably best to stay away from this luxury hotel constructed entirely from salt cubes. From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and even assorted furniture, Palacio de Sal -- or “Salt Palace”-- may one of the tastiest hotel properties in the world. Located on Bolivia's eastern shore of the Great Salar de Uyuni -- the world’s largest salt flat -- the  hotel was built with the abundant natural resources that surround the property. The hotel buildings are comprised of a million blocks of salt and took two years to construct.

US plane makes emergency landing after dog poops

Photographs: Twitter

An US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia made an emergency landing and arrived in Philadelphia several hours late thanks to the call of nature from a service dog. The dog, belonging to a passenger, pooped twice in the centre aisle causing nausea to nearby passengers, some even complained of getting sick. Described as a "rare and unfortunate situation" by US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie, cabin crew then ran out of cleaning fluids and paper towels forcing a diversion to Kansas City, Missouri. On the tarmac cleaning crews then boarded the plane and cleaned up the mess, before continuing to Philadelphia.

Man spends 5 days sipping largest coffee

Photographs: Twitter

A Texas man spent five days sipping at the largest coffee ever ordered at a Starbucks, and he didn't even have to pay a penny. Andrew Chifari, 27, entered the Dallas coffee shop and asked baristas to fill his 3.8 litre glass with a mammoth frappuccino. They obliged, pouring in 60 espresso shots and loading it with whipped cream. The drink had 4,500 mg of caffeine, more than 10 times above what the US Food and Drug Administration considers to be a maximum safe amount for a healthy person to drink on a daily basis.

'Weed Fairy' visits Seattle, gives out free marijuana

Photographs: Twitter

A woman who calls herself the “Weed Fairy” distributed free nuggets of marijuana to people in Seattle over Memorial Day weekend, taping the free pot on fliers around a city neighbourhood. The woman, Yeni Sleidi, 23, says she does it to amuse people and to give them a break from everyday stress. She said 50 fliers had nuggets taped to them. She said she got the idea from when she lived in New York and the government was facing a shutdown and all of her friends were worried.


Man stuck in South Korea after son doodles on passport

Photographs: Twitter

It is good to encourage your kid's artistic side. But one Chinese father could be stuck in South Korea — after his 4-year-old son drew all over his passport. The family was on a trip to South Korea when his son decided to make some alterations to his father's passport with a black pen and pictures of animals.

He also drew his dad, known only as Chen, a beard and gave him more hair. Authorities have warned the Chinese dad he will not be able to travel home with the rest of his family because of ‘unrecognizable documentation.’

Japan turning drunk people into billboards

A new campaign gives Japanese men and women another reason not to drink until they drop. A video for bar chain Yaocho shows intoxicated individuals who were caught sleeping in public being turned into billboards. These human PSAs are meant to encourage bystanders to drink responsibly. 

Yaocho says in the ad that it is normal to find people snoozing on the streets of Tokyo after a night of drinking, and the campaign is aiming to curb the trend.

Here comes the bride... with a baby sewn into her dress

Photographs: Shona Carter-Brooks/Facebook

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something... you should never do?

A Tennessee bride wanted her baby so desperately in the wedding sewed baby Aubrey to the train of her Vera Wang wedding dress and dragged her down the aisle.

Shona Carter-Brooks triumphantly tied the knot with Johnathon Brooks in Ripley, Tennessee in May. Some guests at the wedding were apparently left enchanted by the sight. Val Bradford wrote on Facebook: “Congrats on the beautiful wedding sweetie and with bby Aubrey on ur train that was something new that I haven’t seen and was too cute.”

Wrap yourself in bacon

Photographs: Courtesy Natalie Luder

A Swiss designer has created a silk scarf, called Fou Lard, which very closely resembles a meaty rasher of bacon. Digitally printed on delicate silk, the hyper-realistic bacon scarf -- not cheap at $165 -- is admittedly a mouth-watering thing to behold, with detail all the way down to its ‘crispy’ black rolled hem. 

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