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Seemandhra leaders dejected over bifurcation of AP

January 17, 2013 22:55 IST

The leaders from Andhra Pradesh and Rayalseema are making a last ditch attempt to thwart the formation of Telagana, which is expected to be announced on January 27. Vicky Nanjappa reports

The leaders from the Seema and Andhra regions who met on Thursday in Hyderabad amid protests by Telangana activists, decided to meet the Congress leadership in New Delhi on January 21 and urge it not to bifurcate the state.

However, the mood amidst the Seema Andhra leaders is not upbeat and two leaders -- T G Venkatesh and Prathap Reddy -- even said that the Centre was in no mood to listen to them and was inclined to hand over Telangana.

However, the meeting on Thursday resolved to meet with the leadership in New Delhi and urge them not to separate the state at any cost. Sources however indicated that this was more of a face-saving exercise by the leaders and all indications that they have got from the Home ministry is that the government is inclined to grant a separate state.

The meeting comprised, 17 state ministers, 30 members of Legislative Assembly and 2 members of Parliament. They have also decided that they would all resign in case a separate state was handed over. In the meeting it was also discussed that only five out of the 10 districts in the Telangana region wanted a separate state, and since there is no unity in the region over the issue, a division of the state is not the right option.

Interestingly, although there was a unanimous resolution which was passed, the meeting had divergent views on the subject. Some said that there would be issues regarding river sharing and also the capital of the state; others even said that it has been a demand for several decades and hence not much could be done.

There was also a section which said that there was no point in being aggressive and said that any decision taken by the high command should be followed.

Sources point out that there is a good reason why many of the leaders from the Seema Andhra regions are dejected.

"The last time they met with the high command, they were told clearly that there was no option but to form Telangana. Moreover, they were also told that it was the only way to hold on to some portion of the state considering the fact that they were expecting a very poor showing in the Seema and Andhra regions," said a source.

The leaders were advised to work in their constituencies and gear up for the elections and at least ensure that there was a good showing in the future elections. It was also told that it was the time to remain united, since there was a major growing force in the form of YSR Congress Party chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who looks to capture the Rayalseema and Andhra regions.

However, some sources indicate that this could well be a plan by the Union government to show that they are interested in forming the state. While they would be no option but to hand over Telangana, the only issue is the timing. Will the Congress announce Telangana so soon or would they towards the elections in 2014?

Telangana Congress leaders have been indicating since the past week that there has been a positive decision already made. Some of their leaders, such as Danam Nagender and others also said that the state would be divided and Hyderabad would be the common capital for 10 years.
Vicky Nanjappa