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Gender equality around the world. See where India stands

January 19, 2015 12:16 IST

The map, above, shows gender equality across the world as published in the 'Global Gender Gap Report 2014' of the World Economic Forum.

The Global Gender Gap Index presented in this report (called Gender Equality Score in the map and graphic here) covers the relative gaps between women and men across four key areas health, education, economy and politics.

The highest possible score for any country is 1 (equality) and the lowest possible score is 0 (inequality).

According to 2014 rankings, Iceland is ranked at the first position with a score of 0.86. India is ranked at 114th position with a score of 0.65.

Take a look a the graphic, below, that shows how India's gender equality for each of the four sub-indices has grown from 2006 to 2014.

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