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Readers condole: Saluting the martyrs of Dantewada

April 08, 2010 15:47 IST
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We asked our readers to send in their condolences for the brave hearts who lost their lives in the Naxal massacre in Dantewada, Chatttisgarh on Tuesday. And the messages continue to pour in.

Part 1: Readers condole fallen jawans: Bravehearts, RIP

Name: Moni Kumar
Place: Chennai
It is heavily shocking this incident. My heart felt condolences to each family who lost their loved ones. Give a time limit to Maoists and other terrorist outfits to surrender. If they do not yield, bring the army and airforce immediately and destroy them. We do not want to loose people like this without reason. If they have genuine reason let them come to the negotiating table.

Name: Mish
Place: Dubai, UAE
Your sacrifice for the country is above anything

Name: Deepak Jain
Place: Noida
Our jawans are our strength. They are our real heroes. It is a shame that in today's world, we look to cricketers, actors as our heroes, whereas the actual heroes are those who are laying down their lives for their motherland.

Name: S Radhakrishnan
Place: Chennai
It is a heinous act by the Naxals. What ever be the agenda of the Naxals they should follow the method of ahimsa to uproot the evils from the society. Over 75 families lost their breadwinners. Who is there to console the children of the victims?

Name: Udit Mittal
Place: Delhi
My heartiest tribute to all the security men who lost their lives and I pray that almighty will provide rest and peace to their soul. Please, home minister and prime minister, this is the time for us to show that we are not a soft nation as everybody thinks.

Name: Manish
Place: New Delhi
May god bless your soul. You are the real heroes of the people of INDIA.

Name: Darshan
Place: Bangalore
May all their souls rest in peace. I pray all there families to get a lot of energy to console themselves.
Jai Hind !!

Name: Shahnawaz
Place: Pune
Every Indian is with our soldiers in this moment of grief.

Name: Siva Kumar Marla
Place: Bangalore
My deep-felt condolences to the martyrs.

Name: Prof RVaidyanathan
Place: Bangalore
India shall not forget your sacrifices nor forgive the butchers -- till the last Maoist is eliminated

Name: Maithili Karnad
Place: Mumbai
My heartfelt condolences to the families

Name: Santosh Maski
Place: Mumbai
Salute to the martyrs

Name: Saiyed Ahtesham Hussain
Place: Mumbai
Live long CRPF!

Name: Bhaskar
Place: Lucknow
God bless their soul

Name: RM Lal
Place: Lucknow
The jawans were doing their duty when they were massacred... my condolences to them.

Name: P R C Nair
Place: Baroda
My heart felt condolence to the bereaved families. Government should ensure that this type of tragedy will not take place. Finish all these dirty ruthless killers, like Russia deal with Chechanian rebels.

Name: Ambi
Place: Dubai
Our pranams to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation

Name: Prashant Vaidya
Place: Mumbai
This is Black Day in our history of India, you are not going to achieve anything by cowardly killing our brave jawans.

Name: Harish Kumar
Place: Bangalore
This is shows the complete failure of Security Inteligence and Central govt soft nature on terror and handling these kind of cruel groups.

Name: Uppal
Place: Ahmedabad
May God give piece to the souls of all brave jawans & strength to the families to bear this

Name: Pradeep
Place: Bangalore
God gives peace to their soul. And strength to their family members to face the darkest hour of life.

Name: Varada Raj
Place: Hyderabad
It is totally inhuman act, this brutality should stop and there should be peace talks and govt should immedietly find a peaceful solution to stop further killings and loss of life.

Name: Mrinal
Place: Bangalore
Long live the departed souls.

Name: K Vaidyanathan
Place: Amravati
My Heart Felt Condolences to the all members of the bereaved family and also request the central government to take stern action against the maoists

Name: Malav
Place: Mumbai
I pay may hearty condolences to the lives of our brave policemen...

Name: Rajeev
Place: Mumbai
May their soul rest in peace

: Kapil Mangalvedhe
Place: Mumbai
My heartfelt and sincere condolences. May your soul rest in peace.
All out military action should be declared on Maoism & Naxalism.

Name: Akash Sharma
Place: Ghaziabad
The heinous crime committed by butchers. My heart goes with the victim's families and may God give them strength to handle this grief .... 

Name: Santhi Bushan
Place: Hyderabad
Saluting the Brave heroes and deep condoleces to the families who lost their dear ones.

Name: G Suresh
Place: Chennai
Dear Soldiers
The sacrifices made by you will go a long way in crushing this maoist movement for ever. Do not be low in confidence despite this massacre. You will ultimately win

Name: Sekar
Place: Coimbatore
May their soul rest in peace and my deepest condolence to their family members

Name: Ravi
Place: Bangalore
Dear All Brave & Real Hero's...we really pitty the intelligence failure which caused so many hero's of our country..we deeply hurt with this naxal's attack..Be Brave...we are all with you...sincere condolences from my family end.

Name: Srabani
Place: Bilaspur
I salute the brave jawans who faced death as missionaries. the government strategy to send force on their pilot projects with no clear straegy has cost the nation.

Name: Sandeep Kumar Sharma
Place: Delhi
Merely paying condolences will not do. Some solid action ( Jobs to Wife, Children and other financial help) should be taken at the earliest for the Families of Security men who have died.
This will be true condolence for the martyrs.

Name: Thomas Alva
Place: Dubai, UAE
Hearty condolences to all families of the Victims, BE A INDIAN

Name: K P Bhanushali
Place: Vashi, Navi Mumbai
I respectfully pay the last homage to those martyrs of dantewada massacre. We, the whole country, unitedly stand together with family members of these CRPF/Police personnel. Centre should take stringent action against those rebels. They should be dealt with mercilessley.

Name: Sameer
Place: New Delhi
There should be president rule in Jarkand, and we should take revenge by killing 05 moaist for one jawan.

Place: Maharashtra
Our Hearts go for you for the ultimate sacrifice. Let it not go waste and let us terminate the Naxals and also side by side the poverty and untouchability.

Name: Arindam Mitra
Place: Nahata
Jai Hind. Vagwan Aap sab ko Shanti de...

Name: Vikram Saurabh
Place: Pune
I am deeply sorrowed by this harrowed act by the inhuman. I don't care about what are the root problems and objectives of these NAXALS. Killing people is simply inhuman and if we cant deal with it I feel ashamed of myself.

Name: Ameen
Place: Singapore

Name: Sameer
Place: Hyderabad
You are the saviors of the Indian Citizens..!
May god bless you.

Name: Alok
Place: Pune
really heartbreaking

Name: Kumar
Place: Pune
No words are sufficient to condemn the massacre carried out by Maoists in Dantewada of the 75 para-military personnel. I am deeply anguished and shocked that 75 lives have been snuffed out in this macabre fashion. I offer my heartfelt condolonces to the family of the bereaved personnel.

Name: Parimal
Place: Bangalore
We salute you our brave jawans

Name: Ashraff
Place: Chennai
We will pray for their families, relatives and dependents. Hope our goverment do some good thing to them.

Name: Dr A G Agarwal
Place: Ghaziabad
No words can provide any solace to grieved one, the whole nation is mourn.
Only satisfaction one can achieve, when Heads of culprits in Naxal/maoists cadre roll and also breacrats and leaders supporting them are punished.

Name: V K Sapovadia
Place: Ahmedabad
Brave men, you have given your life for us & nation. We feel helpless, could not save you, but it will be great if help your families. God give you the peace in heaven we hope, and strength to your surived beloved ones.

Name: Rahul
Place: Ghaziabad
This is all due to this dirty politics and cuurupt politician. Finish this entire political system and these politicians.

Name: Sanjay
Place: Hyderabad
Heart goes out for the braves like these who still believe in dying for the motherland the phrase which otherwise has become theoretical.

Name: Bhumika
Place: Gurgaon
may god bless their families.

Name: Mahesh
Place: New Delhi
I feel sorry of myself not for those brave soldiers. They died doing their duty what we are doing accept paying condolence sitting in our ac officies. May god give power to their families to face this situation.

Name: Mratunjay Tewari
Place: Mumbai
I am dismay to hear of 76 security men passing in massacre of Dantewada and writing to extend my deepest sympathies to all the CRPF Jawans and their family.

Name: Daya Dubey
Place: Eastleigh, UK
This is the worst incident in Indian history, Indians are killing Indians. Very sad for us. May god given enough strength to all the family members of dead soldiers to recover from this loss.

Name: Manoj Kumar
Place: Delhi
It is very sad to know to hear this. Kindly do something to government. 

Name: Padmesh
Place: Bangalore
They deserve the highest bravey award. Let this government provide one job to a member of the familities.

Name: Satya
Place: Singapore
It was tragic to hear this news and I could not bear reading the news. as with rest of india my heart goes to the victims families and i pray god to give them the strength and courage in this difficult situation. I salute the brave soldiers and may their soul rest in peace.

Name: Nandini
Place: Vadodara
The maoist attack on our CRPF force is a terrible terrible tragedy. The government needs to take more ownership and a stronger stand to take on these anti social forces or else who on earth will be ever willing to join our services ? its time for the govt. to awaken and rise rather than talk shop forever. I join the prayers to grant peace to the brace soldier's souls and strength to the lonely families.

Name: Subramanian Muthukaruppan
Place: Barmer, Rajasthan
Why we should talk about Bil Laden and terrorism when in our own house unruly and filthy elements are existing. No second thought of Centre telling the individual states to combat terrorism and handle Maoists.
I pray the Almighty for the departed souls and the souls to rest in peace.

Name: Datha Kamath
Place: Mumbai
We salute your bravery & your sacrifice will always be remembered

Name: Arun
Place: Bangalore
My Hearty condolence to the grieving families.

Name: K K Pathak
Place: Mumbai
We will not forget you .You are the real heros

Name: Rajesh
Place: UAE
Deepest condolence to the family members of the brave security forces. They are the true heroes and sons of our motherland who had worthwhile life.

Name: Pankaj Nambiar
Place: Kannur, Kerala
May the souls of braved jawans rest in peace. Pray God to give enough strength to Bharatmatha to resist such heneious crimes in future.

Name: Devraj Tiwari
Place: New Delhi
shame on naxals, we are proud of our jawans and I stand by the families who have suffered such a great loss...which can never be filled.

Name: Abhinav Kumar
Place: Bangalore
May all your souls rest in peace.

Name: Charkavarthy
Place: Hyderabad
My Heart felt Condolences. May all the departed souls rest in peace.

: Abdul Momin Midda
Place: Burdwan University, West Bengal
I am deeply sorry

Name: Pavan
Place: Hyderabad
It is very unfortunate to see the brutality of naxalites to such an extent. May the souls of all martyrs of Dantewada rests in peace.

Name: Ram Mokkapati
Place: Hyderabad
I Salute your dedication and hard work to keep India safe. Shame that the Governments are not doing enough to safe guard the brave people like you. Rest In Peace and hopefully your sacrifices are recognized and do not go in vain.

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