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Rajasthan govt downplays police's dead body racket

April 02, 2010 17:01 IST

The Rajasthan government has claimed that the case of state police personnel selling the dead bodies of unidentified people was not a criminal act, but merely a 'lapse'.
Though the state government has accepted the 'lapse' by the Gandhinagar police, it does not consider it to be a criminal act.
It has been reported that Rajasthan Home Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal told the House on March 30 that there have been irregularities, but no crime has been committed.
Dhariwal said that action would be taken on the complaint by Rajkumar Soni, who lost his 19-year-old son in 2009, and alleged that his dead body was sold by the Gandhinagar police.
Meanwhile, the probing officials are now questioning Soni, whose application allegedly exposed

a huge racket of selling unidentified dead bodies, run by the Rajasthan police.
He has filed an FIR against the superintendent of police and co-administrator of a local medical college and demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the entire matter.
"The Gandhinagar police are involved in the scam, so I want a probe by higher authorities or the CBI," said Soni.
Soni has accused the Gandhinagar police of selling the dead body of his 19-year old son in 2009.
According to reports, Soni's body was found injured in a park in Gandhinagar on May 25, 2009 and he died in the hospital the next day. The police allegedly handed over his body to a local medical college for research, without notification or any efforts to identify the body as per law.

Source: ANI