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WTF News! It's Weird, True and Funny

February 13, 2015 09:11 IST
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Fancy a contraption to keep your breasts perky!

A world-renowned plastic surgeon has invented a bra that supports your breasts while you sleep to stop them dropping over time.

Dubbed the NightLift, the $98 bra is slightly odd in appearance down to its 'sling configuration', which cradles each breast individually and keeps them separate to avoid one putting pressure on the other, regardless of sleeping position.

Its creator Dr Randal Haworth, based in Beverly Hills, California, says gravity takes its toll on your breasts over years of sleeping supportless, leading to 'flattening and splaying' of the tissue, as well as 'vertical chest wrinkles' when we doze on our sides.

London Fire Brigade has a warning for filmgoers this weekend

The Fire Brigade is braced for a soar in calls from people stuck or trapped in objects such as handcuffs following the release of Fifty Shades of Grey in cinemas this weekend, the Telegraph reported.

Fire chiefs have warned those wishing to emulate certain scenes from the film to "think carefully" before getting themselves into sticky situations.

They revealed that in 2013-14, firefighters attended 472 incidents involving people being trapped or stuck, often in everyday household items.

The figure has steadily increased year on year since the Fifty Shades of Grey books, by EL James, were released in 2011.

The London Fire Brigade has warned that it will be charting the most embarrassing call-outs on its Twitter feed, where it will also be offering safety tips.

Dare to tickle a lion's belly?

The Parque Safari zoo in Rancagua, central Chile, takes its visitors on a drive through a 5-acre enclosure that is home to six lions. The visitors ride inside a cage on the back of the truck, and hunks of raw meat are thrown onto the top of the cage.

The lions climb on the vehicle to eat the meat and look at the cowering humans below, or just lie down for a rest.

Visitors who are feeling brave can stick their fingers through the bars to stroke or prod the big cats.

The idea is for people to see wildlife in their natural habitat, in effect with the people caged up rather than the animals themselves.

Chinese firm’s bonus package includes a night with porn star

A list of the unusual bonuses handed out by big Chinese firms this Chinese New Year included a night with the adult film star ‘Julia’, who has shown off skills that might well make the night unforgettable in multiple porn films released in China, reported.

It was on a leaked list of bonuses offered by internet security firm Qihoo 360 -- in between a brand new Porsche and a trip to Bali.

Qihoo 360 and Julia’s press team neither confirmed nor denied the unusual bonus.

British and Dutch royals on eggs

An artist has taken a rather unusual and humble approach to capture monarchs. Tiety Entjes-Weij has created intricate portraits of British and Dutch hierarchy by painting their faces on eggs.

Tiety, who lives in the Netherlands, has added the Duchess of Cambridge as well as Queen Maxima and her three daughters (Princess Ariane, Princess Alexia and Princess Catharina-Amalia) to her egg repertoire.

In order to give herself the best canvas with the optimum amount of space for her pictures, Tiety opts for goose and swan eggs over hen eggs with each piece taking around six weeks to complete, the Daily Mail reported. 

Man guilty of assaulting police officer with 3 baked beans

Anthony Raynor, 35, was arrested and put in a cell at Blackpool Police station after shouting abuse at police officers in the street.

But after asking staff for a glass of water, he grew impatient and threw three baked beans from his breakfast through his cell hatch at a detention officer, claiming they were taking too long.

He later said he believed thirty minutes had elapsed since he made the request for some water. CCTV showed it was three minutes.

The South Shore, Blackpool, man pleaded guilty to assaulting the detention officer as well as being drunk and disorderly.

Raynor was fined £75 and ordered to pay a £20 victims’ surcharge.

Britian’s oldest penguin gets a cake like none other on birthday

African penguin Pat celebrated her 37th birthday by tucking into a flower-shaped sprat cake and a blue gelatine cake filled with even more sprats.

Pat, who lives on the English coast, is the envy of many -- bird and human -- as she shares her own private beach with attentive toy boy Eddie.

She was born in Paignton Zoo in 1978 and is thought to be the second-oldest penguin in Europe.

The great-grandmother moved to Living Coasts in Torquay where she spends her days chilling with Eddie, who was hatched at the zoo in 2001, reported.

Man pawns Air Jordan collection to fund £100,000 flat deposit

A Beijing man managed to get himself on the first rung of the city’s pricey property ladder by pawning his Air Jordan collection.

He traded in 283 pairs of his beloved sneakers at a local pawn shop for one million yuan so that he could put down the deposit on a flat ahead of his wedding.

China’s Sin news reports that Mick has been collecting the Air Jordans since he was 14-years-old (that’s over 10 years).

The jewel in his collection were a pair from 1993 signed by three-time championship winning Chicago Bulls team.

Café in Seoul has 2 sociable sheep living and working there

A café owner in South Korea has come up with the unusual step of adding some fluffy friends to his café to boost business. 

The Thanks to Nature Café and its two in-house sheep have been attracting animal lovers and tourists for over three years, and according to recent takings is now busier than ever.

At the café, diners can enjoy all of the regulars such as coffee, tea and cake, but the unique selling point of this cafe is that this can all be done in the company of a couple of sheep, the Independent reported.

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