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WOW! India through the eyes of its women

January 13, 2016 09:22 IST

For the past two years, a Romanian photographer -- Mihaela Noroc -- has been capturing the beauty and diversity of the world through photographs of the native women. 

As part of her project -- The Atlas of Beauty -- Noroc visited more than 30 countries in over 15 months.

At a stopover in India, Noroc pulled out her camera and she didn’t disappoint. Here are some of her breathtaking pictures depicting natural Indian beauty.

After her Indian leg of the journey, she wrote, “I really want to let all Indian people know how special women here are and that they deserve admiration, protection and all the respect. They are mothers, sisters, daughters and this photo series is an homage to all of them.”


“She was not going to a celebration, but just to the market. This kind of spectacular outfits are common things in India.” Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


This picture of a young girl from Delhi in western clothes stand in sharp contrast to the women adorning traditional clothes. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


A Hindu pilgrim offering prayers at the Ganges. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Noroc intentionally showed both traditional and modern women during her stay in India. Here’s a girl from Surat trying to make it big in Mumbai. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Noroc also focussed on the different communities in an effort to show the country’s diversity. Here’s a woman from the Parsi community, which represents one of the minorities in India. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Noroc took every opportunity to capture beauty away from the flash and gloss of beauty magazines. This woman was captured at Jodhpur railway station. After all, beauty is everywhere, isn’t it? Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


She's from Delhi and in a few months will give birth to her first baby. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


This female cop is all smiles. Can’t help but notice the sparkle in her eye. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Sikh woman at the Golden Temple, in Amritsar. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


A woman from the Kalbelia tribe (famous for their dance) poses ahead of the Pushkar Camel fair. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Beauty comes at all age and sizes. Next year, she will turn 100. She lives in Mumbai. Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Noroc also added Bollywood’s Sonam Kapoor in her feature. “Sonam is an extraordinary person, a symbol of beauty and success and my wish was to let Indian women know that all of them are stars for me.” Photograph: Mihaela Noroc


Noroc’s intense experience
One of the most intense experiences I had in India was the time I spent with Neelam.

Since her childhood, she lives in a small tent, together with her family, next to a big market of Mumbai.

Her father died, but her brave mother, who sells in the market, kept her in school with all the efforts.

Even if Neelam's home is a sidewalk, I rarely saw such a warmth-hearted person, with such a positive energy and good education.

Her smile, her dignity, her wisdom were a strong life lesson to me. I really felt privileged to meet such a beautiful person.