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UNBELIEVABLE! This is a painting not a photo!

May 14, 2021 09:12 IST
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This artist's hyper-realistic paintings are so stunningly detailed that you would believe that they are photographs.

Don't trust us? Take a look at some of his pieces.

Sergey Piskunov, 31, from Ukraine, started painting 11 years ago and has taught himself how to produce photorealistic paintings. He specialises in paintings of the female form, close-ups of facial features and still lifes that look good enough to eat. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov

This stunning painting of a woman's face flecked with gold foil is typical of Sergey's work. He says he spends between 200 to 400 hours of work directly at the canvas. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov

Sergey enjoys producing paintings of the female form. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov

Sergey has created this portrait of a woman with a cracked mask over her face -- and his unique painting skills have brought the artwork to life with his astonishing 3D effects. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov

An example of Sergey's still lifes. These blueberries covered in water droplets look simply succulent. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov

Other creations include this piece of a woman peering out from behind what appears to be green cellophane wrapping the frame, and a piece with two women screaming at each other while paint seemingly drips from their heads. Photograph: Sergey Piskunov
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