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This festival will light up your day

February 13, 2017 09:52 IST

It's all about the lights!

More than 2,000 people have gathered at Auckland’s Year of the Rooster Lantern Festival at Auckland Domain.  

Check out the fantastic displays…

All photographs: Michael Bradley/Getty Images

The lantern festival is Auckland's largest cultural festival and New Zealand's largest Chinese festival. 

The festival features more than 100 various lanterns and we have got to say, they all look spectacular. 

The festival provides goers a perfect backdrop for some selfies. So go on, start clicking!

There are some old favourites, with traditional-style lanterns like dragons and fish, as well as some more modern additions with polar bears and penguins hanging out on the ice. 

All the lanterns displayed at the festival are handmade. Talk about talent. 

Awww.... Words can't describe how cute this display is. 

The festival also features acrobats, performances by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and Peking Opera, dragon and lion dances, a martial arts area and a number of craft workshops.

It seems fun, doesn't it?