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This bookshop in China is beyond magical!

November 25, 2020 08:13 IST

A dreamlike bookstore that just opened in Sichuan, China has gone viral on social media and we can't help but call this book space nothing short of spellbinding.

Take a look...

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, located in Chengdu, has been designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm X+Living. The two-storey space appears cathedral-like, thanks to the mirrored ceilings and gleaming black tile floors which reflect the bookcases. Photograph: Arch Daily

Architect Li Xiang, founder of Shanghai-based firm X+Living, designed the roughly 10,500-square-foot bookshop, which draws inspiration from the Unesco World Heritage–listed Dujiangyan irrigation system. Photograph: Arch Daily

The store uses a mirrored ceiling to simulate a sense of limitless openness. Book-laden, ceiling-high shelves echo the curves of nature, while glossy, black-tile flooring makes reading tables scattered across the space resemble boats moored on a lake. Photograph: Arch Daily

Visitors walking through the labyrinth-like store will find areas designed to fulfill different purposes. The children’s reading room, for instance, is replete with panda posters, bamboo bookshelves and colourful cushions. Photograph: Arch Daily

The store already has a collection of over 80,000 books and is a dream come true for every book nerd. Photograph: Arch Daily

The store’s first floor is home to a café and a playful children’s area, while the second level’s balcony is filled with seating, where customers can browse through their selections, work, or meet. Each space was carefully considered to add to the overall experience. Photograph: Arch Daily

Commenting on an Instagram post by studio founder Li Xiang, several people likened the space to something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. One user called the space "a combination of the Great Hall and Room of Hidden Things" from Hogwarts.Photograph: Arch Daily