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This artist creates hair-raising designs!

February 04, 2019 08:30 IST

An Ivory Coast woman has become ‘insta-famous’ for her hair-raising, creative designs!

Laetitia Ky, a fashion designer and as she states herself -- an art addict, has been making waves on Instagram after releasing her a photo series in which she transforms her hair into all kinds of shapes to express her mind.

She has moulded her thick, dreaded coif into all sorts of objects -- from a Christmas tree to a birthday cake, earning her thousands and thousands of followers on social media.

Check out some of her kooky designs.

All photographs: @laetitiaky/Instagram

The 22-year-old from Ivory Coast’s Abidjan earned a degree in business, but realised her love for art and from there rose her hair designs.


Designs like the bunny in the picture above takes Laetitia hours to craft. She says she uses only hair extensions, wire, wool and thread; no hair products are used.

What’s her inspiration behind the hair designs including this dancing girl atop her head? She says she came across an account with photos of hairstyles worn by women in pre-colonial African tribes and found them incredible.

Sculpting your hair into a second pair of hands is bound to make you go viral. Today Ky has 1,37,000 followers on Instagram and over 36,000 on Facebook.

Each hair sculpture takes Ky anywhere between 20 minutes and two hours. Ky’s inspiration comes from all around her -- not one specific thing. “My ideas generally come spontaneously without reflection,” she adds.

We’ve got to say this, but her idea to turn her hair into art is just pure genius!

What does she expect out of this? A desire to promote a vision of African beauty grounded in pre-colonial aesthetic traditions; a commitment to body-positivity; and a well-defined feminist politics.

Ky uses her hair to spread positive messages. She once turned her hair into a gun to speak against gun violence.

Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Let’s make some music and groove to the rhythm.

Why carry a bag when your hair can double up as a purse!

Are you’ll listening to Ky?

She doesn’t need an umbrella, does she?

Ky takes her love of photography to a whole new level.