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Agora's Spring images are just what we need

May 12, 2020 08:43 IST

These images are the emotional booster that everybody needs in these difficult times!

Free-to-use photography app Agora invited its userbase to participate in the #Spring2020 photo competition with their best shots of the season that breathes new life into the world.


Agora’s latest contest challenged photographers from all over the world to show what spring looks like in their corner of the planet. In total, 14,596 photographers participated in the #Spring2020 contest.

Water Lily season

A group of friends were all wearing an 'Ao Dai', Vietnam's national garment, holding blooming flowers, walk across the authentic bamboo bridge -- which symbolises the connection between the past and the present. Photograph: /@quytran/Agora Images

Watering Flowers

This charming spring image called 'Watering the Flowers' was taken by photographer Bùi Gia Phú in his native Vietnam. Photograph: @giaphu86/Agora Images

The First Kiss of Spring

The black-naped monarch is a small bird that lives throughout tropical Southeast Asia. During spring, the female lays three eggs in a small cup-shaped nest up in a tree. In the photo, you can see the male bird feeding its new-born chick. Photograph: @rafid007/Agora Images

Beautiful Red Fox Smelling the Lavender Perfume

While photographing blue magpies, this beautiful red fox appeared from the bushes. The fox is one of my favourite animals and I never imagined seeing it in these circumstances, surrounded by lavender flowers. It was an exciting day! Photograph: @mary_bassani/Agora Images

Flower Bloom

An incredible scene at Lake Sorapis in Italy. Photograph: @jp.photoart/Agora Images

Valley of Flowers

With a total area of up to 7000 m2, the West Lake flower valley is like a garden of Eden in the heart of Hanoi. Previously this area was largely a deserted lotus lagoon; but since it's been restored with thousands of flowers, this land has turned so vibrant. Photograph: @nguyentungviet/Agora Images

I Took My Mom on a Sunrise Mission

We visited the Tulip Fields close to our home. My partner and I decided to take my mother with us and we were very happy to let her see what we’re doing as photographers. We woke up at 5 am and drove to Noordwijkerhout to see the sunrise. My mother was pleased to model for us and the happiness she radiated is something I will never forget. Photograph: @michelle.wandering/Agora Images

St Francis of Assisi

It was incredibly windy on this day and it wasn't easy to get the framing right, as the blossoms went in and out of focus constantly. I wanted to combine the softness of the blossoms with the imposing structure behind them, creating a strong yet beautiful contrast between nature and architecture. Photograph: @francesco_treu/Agora Images

The Bees Venture Out

Bees move erratically all the time, taking such a neat picture wasn't easy. Photograph: @philrobson/Agora Images

Red Rose

This is a story of a beautiful brown girl who was not confident about her beauty. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, so she faced life as a reality to provide for her loved ones, until someone told her “flip the beauty upside down, and you'll see if it’s real”. Photograph: @smazzi/Agora Images

Red Umbrella

While flying my drone above the tea plantations, I noticed a red dot running in the middle of the vibrant green alleys. Rather intrigued by that beautiful contrast, I decided to lower my drone to follow the red dot who happened to be a Hmong girl protecting herself from the sun with an umbrella. Photograph: @phamngocthach/Agora Images

Young, Sunny, Tender, It's All About the Spring

2020 turned out to be a very unusual year for the whole world, to put it mildly. We have spent most of the spring at home, in isolation. This magical moment, when nature awakens and where everything blooms, we need to observe it from our windows. Spring is the beginning, just like a new-born: it's young, unbelievable, pure, and soft. That's why my 6-year-old daughter and I decided to saddle this picture using artificial flowers and sunlight from the window at home. Photograph: @nayagrig/Agora Images

Lands of Lavender

This amazing photograph of a woman in a lavender field was taken in the UK. Photograph: @theliamman/Agora Images

Highlander in Spring

Look who showed up in the spring! Photograph: @édouarddotézac/Agora Images

Caring for Nature

My friend Wayra is a passionate gardener and I wanted to transmit her love and care for nature and life. Photograph: @suewetjen/Agora Images