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Take to the skies with these brilliant images!

October 29, 2020 08:07 IST
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Aerial photography has an uncanny ability to literally offer a fresh perspective on subjects that have been photographed to death, and this ability is on full display in the winners gallery of the first annual Aerial Photography Awards.

The grand prize winner was Belgium's Sebastien Nagy, who was declared Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020.


Scroll down to view some of the best images from the contest.

This breathtaking drone image of Gangi in Sicily was taken by Andrea Caruso. Photograph: Andrea Caruso/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Khanh Phan of Vietnam won an award in the People category for an image of villagers harvesting grass to feed to cattle. Photograph: Khanh Phan/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

The Lebanese photographer Bachir Moukarzel submitted this shot of the Dubai frame, 150m high, wreathed in cloud. It won the first prize in the Constructions category. Photograph: Bachir Moukarzel/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

This mesmerising photograph of a herd of sheep crossing an autumn forest by Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan won first place in the Trees & Forests category. Photograph: Mehmet Aslan/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Aleaxnder Sukharev used a drone to capture this image of a ship plowing through ice in the Gulf of Finland. Photograph: Aleaxnder Sukharev/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

One of the winning submissions by the overall winner Sebastien Nagy was this image of the Chromata hotel in Santorini, Greece. Photograph: Sebastien Nagy/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

Vietnamese photographer Thien Nguyen was named Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020 in the People category after submitting this stunning shot. It shows smoke pouring from the engine of a boat belonging to anchovy fishermen on the Phu Yen coastline, with their green nets illuminated under the water. Photograph: Thien Nguyen/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

In the Patterns category, this photo of multiple umbrellas crossing each other in the streets in Tokyo, taken by German photographer Daniel Bonte, won the first prize. Photograph: Daniel Bonte/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

A stunning drone shot of humpbacks in Disko Bay, Greenland, by Dutch photographer Albert Dros. Photograph: Albert Dros/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

This jaw-dropping drone shot is of one of the most iconic towers in Hong Kong, the International Finance Centre, which stands at a height of 415m (1,361ft). Photographer Suiron Huang said: "I captured this shot during the low altitude sea of clouds season which only happens once a year. I chose this angle to emphasise the architectural character of this tower to make it look like an angry claw punching through the soft clouds." Photograph: Suiron Huang/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

In the Documentary category, photographer Marc Le Cornu took home first prize with this photo of the Jersey Airport Rescue & Firefighting Service training on a burning plane. He said: "These live-fire scenarios are designed to ensure the crews are fully skilled and ready should a real incident occur." Photograph: Marc Le Cornu/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

A fishing boat is dropping a net and accidentally the waves pull the edges of the net into a lady on the blue sea. Photograph: Duy Sinh/Aerial Photography Awards 2020

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