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Stunning photos in the running for Nat Geo travel photo contest

April 08, 2019 08:52 IST
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National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest is open for entries and has already attracted incredible snaps from across the globe.

Week 2 of the contest include images of a newborn lion being carried to safety in the jaws of its mother, a daredevil slackliner in the USA, and a penguin being chased by a fur seal.

The international competition runs from 18 March to 3 May, with budding photographers able to enter their work in one of three categories: nature, cities and people.


The overall winner will receive $7,500 (Rs 5 lakh), plus their photo will be featured on the @natgeotravel Instagram account.

(Please click on the images to view them in full-screen)

-- Jaw-dropping pictures from National Geographic's travel photo contest: Week 1

The 500 enormous vessels used to transport bricks, sand and other goods, are either being built or are docked for maintenance work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shipbuilders in Bangladesh began exporting their ships to other countries in 2009, and it has since become a growing trade in the area. 
Photograph: Azim Khan Ronnie/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

Petra is a 2,000-year-old city, carved in the rocks of Jordan—once a gateway on the Silk Road and now one of the seven wonders of the world. The best experience is to walk the canyon that leads to the pink city in the night—just like ancient traders and merchants. From the dark, the Treasury is seen lit by hundreds of candles. This is as close as you can get to time travel and a truly an unforgettable lifetime experience. 
Photograph: Enrico Pescantini/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

This image was captured on a recent visit to Antarctica. I had this shot in mind, though no idea how I would get it.  I had seen a similar photo in a Nat Geo publication. Lucky for me, a young southern fur seal decided to chase a group of Gentoos -- right towards our Zodiac. It even has its mouth wide open to add to the drama. Right place, right time for this shot. :) 
Photograph: Clive Beavis/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

It was a quiet morning at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve -- the sun was opening up and the mist from the night was clearing. As we made a drive through the woods, we saw this beautiful leopardess perching on her favorite tree. Ever since I started wildlife photography, I wanted to photograph a leopard on the tree. It took over three years to find the photo. I love everything about this picture -- a prowling leopardess, a beautiful tree with the white flowers, soft sunlight -- it was just a perfect setting, like a dream. 
Photograph: Naveen Srikantachari/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

On my recent trip to Lake Kerkini, Greece, I got up close and personal with the globally threatened Dalmatian Pelicans. Being the largest of the Pelicans in the world, these birds are amazing to photograph, especially during winter when their breeding reddish/orange colors brighten up the shot.
Photograph: Damilice Mansur/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

We were lucky to find new born lion cubs in the plains of Masai Mara, Kenya. The mother is extremely protective of the cub and was often seen hiding them behind the bush and away from predators. In this instance, as the cub unknowingly walked very close to the side of a cliff, the mother lioness quickly tried to grab it from its head to protect it from falling over. It looks dangerous, but it is an endearing way for the lioness to pick up the cub and place it back to safety.
Photograph: Sonalini Khetrapal/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

The winter storm thins out and allows the snow wrapped landscape appear in white-splendor. Pictures show us again and again how beautiful our earth is and what needs to be protected.
Photograph: Jonas Schäfer/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

The white Camargue horses are living in the wild, but are being guarded and managed by the "guardians,” French Cowboys.
Photograph: Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

This was my first ever hike to taft point in YosemiteNational Park. I had seen so many beautiful pictures of this location before. After reaching the point, I saw these slackliners. It was amazing to watch these guys over the high cliffs. The setting sun made it even more awesome with its rays beaming through the valley. What a sight! Felt really lucky to be at the right place at the right time.
Photograph: Abhishek Sabbarwal/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

The mud flies as the cows race through the rice paddies during the traditional pacujawi on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.
Photograph: Dale Johnson/2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest



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