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Want the perfect Instagram pic? Head to London's Selfie Factory

September 13, 2019 07:36 IST

Are you an Instagram buff? Then the Selfie Factory in London's Westfield is a haven for you.

A nirvana of bathtubs overspilling with coloured balls, a 'confetti cove' and walls peppered with fake plastic doughnuts, this place, according to the website, is the chance to "capture the best photos of your life!"

Here's a sneak peak at this seriously ‘grammable pop-up. 

All photographs: @selfiefactoryofficial/Instagram

The pop-up shop in west London, called the Selfie Factory, gives people a chance to pose with a multitude of different backdrops. For instance, this pool of pink balls screams fun, doesn't it?

For £9.99 (Rs 879) for an hour slot, or £19.99 (Rs 1,759) for a whole day, you can pose in a series of brightly-coloured sets designed to rake in those precious likes. This black and white checked bathroom is a hit with influencers and we can see why.

What Instagram feed would be complete without a pink elephant in the room to pose with.

Venue director Will Bower said “We’re now part of the ‘selfie-generation’; people are sharing more and more photos of themselves and sometimes go to great lengths to capture the perfect snap. Our goal is to create an environment where anyone can come in, have a load of fun and leave with some really cool pictures they can show their friends."

The owners said they were inspired to create the pop up shop after seeing something similar in LA and it took them months to create the right backdrops for the factory and ours selfies.

And if you are tired with the checked-bathtub and the pink balls, there's also this cute sunflower room that is bound to bring a smile on your face.

They may not be edible but they look pretty. A woman poses with a 'doughnut' to get an Instagram worthy shot.

Say what you want, but the place is cute and we know where we are heading to for our next holiday!