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Obsessed with women's legs? There's a café for you in Japan

Last updated on: October 30, 2017 11:25 IST

The World of Thighs Photography Cafe lets diners feast on an array of dishes while surrounded by hundreds of pictures of long limbs.

IMAGE: Welcome to the cafe that lets you stare at women's thighs endlessly without feeling like a pervert! The World of Thighs Photography Café is every thigh lover's dream. All photographs: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

There are cat cafes, pig cafes, toilet-themed cafes and now comes the World of Thighs Photography Café in Japan.

Weird, right? But, it’s true!


The World of Thighs Photography Cafe is a popup restaurant in Tokyo decked out in photos of women’s thighs -- so people can happily eat a meal while staring at women’s legs without being called a pervert.

IMAGE: The cafe is an extension of Japanese photographer Yuria's art. The photos in the cafe focuses almost entirely on thighs without showing the faces of the models.

It’s an extension of Japanese photographer Yuria’s art, which focuses almost entirely on thighs.

Photos aren’t where the legs theme ends, though.

IMAGE: Female thigh-themed photography works are displayed at the entrance to the Thigh Photo Cafe Tokyo. We are still wondering if this is celebrating the women form or sexualising it. You tell us!

Each meal comes with a tiny set of legs made out of food, accompanying dishes such as bowls of curry, spaghetti, and ice cream. Because what could be better than eating a woman’s legs?

IMAGE: A dish of loco moco with a female thigh shaped marzipan is served inside the Thigh Photo Cafe Tokyo. Each dish comes with its own set of edible legs. 

For die-hard female thigh fans, World of Thighs Photography Cafe also features a thigh-themed gift shop where you can buy pins and other thigh-related merchandise.

IMAGE: The cafe also has a merchandise point where one can buy thigh-themed objects.

The World of Thighs Photography Cafe will be in operation from October 6 to December 6.

IMAGE: Want to check this bizarre cafe? Head to Tokyo before December 6 when it shuts down.

Of course, if you really love legs, you could probably just stare at your own legs and appreciate their beauty.