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Now, a 'corona car' to spread awareness in Hyderabad

April 08, 2020 10:25 IST

A car museum owner in the city of Hyderabad has made a car, which looks like the coronavirus to spread awareness among the people about the fatal infection.

This one-seater car has a 100CC engine with the capacity to run about 40 kilometre.


Sudhakar, who owns Sudha Cars museum, said: "It has a 100CC engine. It's a four-wheeler single-seater car. It can comfortably travel up to 40 km. It took us 10 days to prepare this model. I hope we can spread awareness and make people understand to stay indoors."

"Tomorrow we are unveiling the coronavirus shaped car. It will go on the roads of Hyderabad to spread awareness and educate the people about the danger of the disease. Hopefully, people will understand," added Sudhakar.

"I am known for making wacky cars on various occasions. Earlier I made a condom bike to spread awareness on AIDS, helmet car for head safety, cigarette bike to quit the habit. Now I have made corona-shaped car," he added.

Photographs: ANI Photos

Source: ANI