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Lt Colonel, who lost a leg in operations, skydives from 14,000 ft

March 28, 2024 12:43 IST

Lieutenant Colonel Avnish Bajpai, who lost a limb during an operation, skydived from 14,000 feet in Bhatinda with an artificial limb.

Sharing the photos on X, the Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADG PI) Indian Army wrote, "#Proud Lt Col Avnish Bajpai, a courageous warrior and a battle casualty, who lost a limb in operations, took on the ultimate challenge. He Skydived from 14,000ft, with an artificial limb. This outstanding achievement at #Bathinda Airbase is a testament to human spirit, resilience and the power of determination. #IndianArmy #ArmyAdventureWing."


According to a report, Lt Col Avnish Bajpai had lost his limb in a grenade blast during field firing in Punjab in 2007.

Social media users saluted Bajpai's indomitable spirit.

"An Indian Soldier will never accept defeat. Congratulations to Lt. Col. Avnish Bajpai. You are an inspiration. Jai Hind," a social media user said.

"Buddy, it's a remarkable feat. You have added another feather in your hat after conquering big running events. It is memorable to have run with you a 42km full Mumbai marathon in 2015. Your energy and enthusiasm are damn contagious. Trailblazing to sky surfing," another user commented.

Here are glimpses of the soldier's achievement. 

Photographs: @adgpi/X