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Japanese theme park lets you work from a Ferris wheel

October 20, 2020 08:39 IST

Why 'Work from Home' when you could have a Zoom meeting while riding a Ferris wheel?

Yomiuriland, a theme park in the western Tokyo suburbs, is getting creative during the tourism industry free-fall by selling day passes to people looking for a more interesting place to work remotely.

The day passes are for ¥1,900 (Rs 1,322). The tickets allow you to get some work done while enjoying park rides and amenities. This includes entry to the park and access to the poolside booth which is set up with a table, two chairs and two sun lounges. There are plenty of electrical points available and decent wi-fi service, so we imagine you’d be spending most of your time here.


If that's not enough of an incentive, the package includes the option to spend up to one hour remote working from inside the Ferris wheel, which is also Wi-Fi equipped.

And when the work day is done, workers can check out all the other attractions inside the park, including laser tag, a botanical garden, a haunted house, Go-Karts and a roller coaster called Bandit. (They will have to pay extra fees, though.)

Yomiuriland's package does not insist that customers wear masks, but they would be strongly cautioned to do so.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused many destinations around the world, particularly those whose economy relies heavily on tourist dollars, to come up with other ways to entice visitors.

Several Caribbean islands, including Antigua, Barbados and Aruba, are allowing travellers to come in on extended visas if they work remotely.