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Don't try this, please! Couple slammed for death-defying photo

September 12, 2019 11:44 IST

An Instagram influencer couple known for their stunning photos taken around the world in risky positions are stirring up controversy again with a new snap uploaded to their social media account.

IMAGE: Kelly Castille and Kody Workman defended this image of them hanging off a cliff in Peru, saying it was not dangerous. However, the photograph has divided the internet, with many calling out the couple for their attention-seeking behaviour. Photograph: @positravelty/Instagram

Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, who go by the username ‘@positravelty’ on the social media platform and make a living documenting their travels around the world.

The influencers have made headlines before with risky snaps which showed them hanging over the edge on an infinity pool or sitting with their feet dangling over a cliff.


The latest pose to cause controversy shows Castille hanging with one foot over the edge of a cliff, being held by Workman.

The couple has been called ‘attention-seeking’ for hanging off the edge of a cliff in the Humantay Lagoon in Peru.

In the risky image, Kody can be seen sitting on the corner of a cliff while holding his girlfriend with his hands as she dangles off the side.

Though they’ve received more than 1,000 comments on their Instagram post, some of which have been critical, the couple is only focusing on the positive.

“I don’t know how high that cliff is, but one slip of your boot, no matter how slight, and both of you will be at the bottom of it,” said one commenter; another called the stunt “Just stupid beyond belief”.

IMAGE: The couple spend their lives travelling across the world and chronicling it on Instagram. Earlier too they received flak for the image above where Workman is holding Castille over the side of an infinity pool in Ubud, Bali. Photograph: @positravelty/Instagram

Some detractors highlighted that posting shots that appeared dangerous, even if they were not, could inspire copycats to risk their lives.

“It doesn’t matter if you played with perspective and it wasn’t dangerous for you. You really don’t understand the power you hold, do you? Saying we all have personal responsibility is just a conscience-salving tool.

“You will encourage others who DON’T know how to play with perspective, and someone will kill themselves by accident trying to emulate you.

“You’re an influencer. You influence. The clue is in the title.

“Be inspirational by all means, but stop ratcheting up this pseudo-dangerous vibe before you encourage someone to kill themselves.”

The couple hit the headlines earlier this year for a similarly controversial snap in which Workman is holding Castille over the side of an infinity pool in Ubud, Bali, while they kiss, with a sheer drop below.

The photo was branded “dangerous” and “stupid” by online commenters.

At the time they fought back at critics, saying that they “weren’t going to feed into the negativity of this”.