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PHOTOS: Inside world's first gold-plated hotel in Vietnam

July 06, 2020 09:15 IST
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Do you love gold?

Then this five-star hotel in Vietnam is just for you.

Welcome to the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel in Vietnam, which opened its doors on July 2.


Here's a glimpse inside the shiny structure!

The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel boasts of 24-karat-cladded interiors and exteriors. The five-star hotel sits by Giang Vo Lake, in the centre of the Vietnamese capital. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by US-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, took 11 years to build and boasts about being the first property in the world to be clad in gold. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

From the tiles, bathtub, coffee cups, to the gold-plated infinity pool on the roof, the hotel is plated in 24-carat metal. The hotel has 400-rooms across a 25-storeyed building. Talk about having too much gold! Photograph: Kham/Reuters

The hotel is dripping with gold from floor to ceiling. It even has a gold-plated infinity pool on the roof. The infinity pool on the hotel's roof is clad in gold tiles. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

Guest may well feel that everything they touch turns to gold. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

"At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world," said Nguyen Huu Duong, majority owner and chairman of Hoa Binh Group. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

The gold theme even extends to the sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

All this gold though comes at a price -- The price per night will start from $250 (Rs 19,000), according to Vietnam Insider. There are also a number of apartments to rent in the hotel, with costs starting from $6,500 (Rs 4.85 lakh) per square metre.. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

The hotel wants “ordinary people to the super rich to check-in” both physically and on social media, said Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel. Photograph: Kham/Reuters

So, would you check in to this gold luxury or it's too much for you? Photograph: Kham/Reuters
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