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Here's presenting the very best of the Mumbai Police!

Last updated on: February 05, 2021 09:07 IST

In the new world order, threats are varied and ever increasing -- whether it’s the pandemic, terrorism, law & order situations or cyber-crimes, and Mumbai being the financial capital of the country is always at the centre of it.

The 2021 Mumbai Police calendar, shot by ace photographer Pravin Talan, imaginatively projects the many facets of the force whether it is policemen in PPE kits or Bomb suit, ferocious Belgian Malinois dog, QRT commando teams with MP- 5 and Ak-47 patrolling at nights or the more emotional pictures like a policeman fixing a little girls bicycle.


Take a look.

All photographs: Pravin Talan

Ensuring a safe flight for everyone in the city.

The ones whom the fierce fear!

It's us versus the virus and we shall march our way to victory. (Commissioner of Police, Param Bir Singh, with Mumbai Police’s frontline warriors at Dharavi).

Dressed to heal: The blue of PPE draped around a heart of Khaki.

Mumbai Police’s canine unit is fine reflection of our passion and vigour to ward off every evil eye.

The Mount is back to the Bay! The Mounted Police has made its way back to the city after almost nine decades.

Ensuring only calm and no storm: The Coastal Police intercepting a boat to confirm there aren’t any uninvited guests.

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm’.”

Our favourite pose? On guard to protect you.

We will always be by your side -- promise!

A war of nerves… and wires: The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad braveheart suited up to take down the explosives, if any.

Our commitment to protect you is endless as the sea and timeless as the tides.