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Have a smashing time in Beijing's anger room

Last updated on: January 16, 2019 16:15 IST
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In today’s modern, fast-paced world, there are many things that make us tick.

Sometimes, things get us so infuriated that we would like to smash things up.

Now, young people in China have exactly that chance -- to vent their frustration in an anger room, which allows them to smash up wine bottles and mannequins to release tension.

Photographs: Jason Lee/Reuters


The anger rooms called, Smash, is equipped with bats and hammers. You can smash up wine bottles, old broken appliances like televisions, clocks, telephones and even a mannequin.

In anger rooms, patrons have to wear protective gear and then start breaking whatever comes their way to vent their frustration. The staff play music of their choice in the background.

Smash was set up in September 2018 by Jin Meng and her friends. She said around 600 people visit Smash each month.

Jin said that she set up Smash not to promote violence, but to help people deal with the pressures of living in big cities like Beijing.

Since the venture opened, customers have smashed around 15,000 bottles every month, Jin said.

"If you have money, you can smash anything -- smash some TVs, computers, wine bottles, furniture, mannequins, but the only thing you can't do is to smash someone," a customer said.

Similar ventures already exist in other countries, including the United States.

"A woman brought all her wedding photos here, and she smashed them all. We welcome people to bring their own stuff," Jin said.

In Beijing, Jin said her next step is to open a new anger room in a shopping mall where people can take a break from their shopping to smash a bottle or two.
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