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World's most beautiful scenes in Agora's Travel photo contest

September 14, 2020 07:41 IST
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This year has been the year of the no travel, which has left millions reminiscing on adventure-filled trips abroad.

To celebrate the wonder of world travel, thousands of photography enthusiasts entered Agora #Travel2020, sharing the moments they feel captured the true essence of exploration.


Octavi Royo, Agora's co-founder and CEO, said: "Thanks to these photos, we can travel to some amazing corners of our planet and see them from the point of view of travel

Scroll down to see our pick of the shortlisted images...

Incredible moments 

This is the overall winning image. It shows the view from the photographer's tent of the 8,264ft (2,519m) Seceda mountain in the Italian Dolomites. He explained: "I had been wanting to experience sunset and spend the night in Seceda for a long time. I had been dreaming of this magical moment for years. I never miss an adventure with my dog, Berky." Photograph: @rakia10/Agora Photography

Exploring the ice cave

This ice cave is located at the foot of the Watzmann mountain (the third highest in Germany). It’s one of the most accessible glacier caves in the country. I wanted to capture how cold it was inside the glacier cave and show the incredible textures displayed. Photograph: @danrose/Agora Photography

Milky Way

This image shows the "Great Staples Tor" rock formation under the Milky Way. Lights were used to "paint" light into the landscape during the long exposure. Photograph: @theliamman/Agora Photography

Bali memories

Fog-shrouded Lempuyang Temple in Bali. Photograph: @lanoiadelbarret/Agora Photography

Sometimes the best part of travel is the journey 

British photographer Lee Mumford used his drone to snap this stunning image of a train trundling through Sri Lanka's epic landscape. He said: 'I wanted to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka to see the iconic blue trains trundling through the lush countryside. I booked my accommodation, which had the perfect location to photograph them. It was then just a matter of juggling the time, the low light of sunrise and finding the optimal moment to launch the drone'. Photograph: @leemumford8/Agora Photography

The Taj

My girlfriend modeled for me in a traditional Indian sari, in the mosque on the side of the Taj Mahal. Photograph: @globetravelphotography/Agora Photography

Epic view

A dramatic shot taken from the edge of the village of Santana on Madeira's northern coastline out towards the Atlantic Ocean. The photographer behind it, Italian Filippo Bellisola, said: 'It was our last day in Madeira and I came here with two friends to catch the last sunset of the trip. The weather was not so good, but the moody sky created a very interesting atmosphere'. Photograph: @filippobellisola/Agora Photography

Ruta nacional 3

A spellbinding shot taken in Ushuaia in Argentinian Patagonia. The photographer said: "The lines from the road lead the eyes of the viewer into the mountain. I asked my friend to go into the road to enhance the sense of scale. This picture was taken with a drone and the battery was running out because of the low temperatures. I had to shoot as quickly as I could before safely landing the drone." Photograph: @franciscopaez/Agora Photography

One of the best vistas

Canadian photographer Caroline Egan made the shortlist with this jaw-dropping shot of Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River in Arizona. She said: 'I can't wait to visit the American southwest again. It is still probably my favourite trip to date'. Photograph: @careless_wandering/Agora Photography

Chasing adventure

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula on Iceland's West Coast is a stunningly diverse landscape home to lava fields, glaciers and black sand beaches. The most unique of all being Arnarstapi Stone Bridge, a perfectly formed arch suspended above the ocean below, so perfect in its formation it looks almost man-made. Venturing out across it, you feel a sense of the power flowing beneath you as the waves continue to shape the ever changing landscape. Photograph: @michaelfoote/Agora Photography

Monument Valley Sunrise

A spectacular image of Monument Valley in Arizona taken at sunrise. The photographer explained: "I wanted to find a composition that highlighted the scale of this amazing area. The morning light adds contrast to the scene." And the person on the ledge? That's Joe. He added: "I took the image from a tripod with a timer. I was with a friend and wanted to capture a unique view of these amazing rock formations. I drew the short straw so went and sat on the ledge." Photograph: @joeshellyy/Agora Photography


The most beautiful waterfall captured in Bali, Indonesia. Photograph: @jordisark/Agora Photography

To the Top

An amazing image snapped by photographer Yury Sychev in Russia. He called the image 'To The Top'. Photograph: @yurysychev/Agora Photography

The dream

The dream of flying wherever I want to go. A detour back to Peru would be nice. Where would you go? Photograph: @janreyem/Agora Photography

Travel around the world

German photographer Jörg Petermann wandering through the Austria Alps. The gloomy mist was broken up by cheerful yellow flowers. Photograph: @jp.photoart/Agora Photography

Roadtrippin through the winding roads 

The photo was taken on a chilly autumn morning on a road trip to the Black Forest region in Germany. This photogenic hairpin turn in the light of the rising sun reminded me that life is good and that there is so much beauty in the world. Photograph: @gloomicious/Agora Photography

American Road Trip

An amazing scene captured by British photographer Kent Sampson in Utah's Red Canyon. He said: "I found this gem of a spot whilst driving towards Bryce Canyon. As soon as I drove under it, I knew the shot I wanted to get. I parked up and went off the beaten path, hiking a nearby hill to try and find a good vantage point. Once I had that, I sat and waited for the perfect moment." Photograph: @_kennyc_/Agora Photography

Traveling and seeing the world from above

Pilot Jassen Todorov, from San Francisco, snapped this breathtaking aerial image of the Golden Gate Bridge while flying his plane at sunset. He caught a plane flying in the opposite direction, its wings aligned perfectly with one of the cables. Photograph: @jassensf/Agora Photography

Road trip in Italy

Arnold Maisner took this snap of his partner looking out as they floated along Lake Braies, Italy. Arnold wrote: "Enjoy the moment. Go on a journey and experience something. Get out of the comfort zone." Photograph: @arnold_maisner_photo/Agora Photography

Just do it

I want to show the beauty Alberta can offer. While the road is scenic throughout the Rockies, the hiking trails are just on another level of beauty. I encourage everyone to just do it. Hike the trails. Take one step at a time, it will be tough but it will be worth it. This shot was taken about halfway to the summit. Photograph: @seniorkeke/Agora Photography

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