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Canada's most famous Sikh tied the knot!

February 26, 2018 14:51 IST

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India visit was in the headlines, his political rival -- Jagmeet Singh of the New Democratic Party -- tied the knot with fiancée Gurkiran Kaur.

IMAGE: Jagmeet Singh posted this image on Twitter, captioning it, "It's official." Jagmeet Singh and his fiancee were wedded in a Sikh temple, with both of them wearing desi attire. Photograph: @theJagmeetSingh/Twitter

Jagmeet Singh, the Ontario provincial lawmaker, will lead his party into the 2019 election against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.


Jagmeet and Gurkiran were married Thursday night in Mexico, capping off an epic string of wedding celebrations, which included a wedding ceremony held in Brampton, Ontario on February 4, followed by a private ceremony in Mexico on February 19.

IMAGE: Let's do the bhangra! Jagmeet and his wife had a blast at their wedding with a ceremony held in Brampton, Ontario on February 4, followed by a private ceremony in Mexico on February 19. Photograph: gurkirankaur/Instagram

On Friday, the Canadian leader tweeted, “It’s official!”. The tweet included a photo of Singh, 38, and Kaur, 27, sitting together on the floor of what appears to be a Sikh temple, with many others sitting around them. The two are dressed in formal wedding attire. Kaur’s hands are decorated in bridal henna, while Singh has a ceremonial dagger, called a kirpan, in his lap.

IMAGE: The two really know how to make an entrance... That's the cute couple at Gurkiran's sangeet ceremony.  Photograph: gurkirankaur/Instagram

The wedding is in a long line of parties, which actually began last December, with a celebration of the couple’s families meeting for the first time.

IMAGE: In January 2017, Jagmeet had proposed to Gurkiran, a designer, where she said yes! 
Photograph: jagmeetsingh/Instagram

About a month later, Singh, 39, got down on one knee to propose to Kaur, 27, at a Toronto restaurant where they had their first date. The event was witnessed by friends, family and invited media.

We wish the couple a happy marriage!

IMAGE: Don't they make the cutest couple ever? We wish them all the best for the future.
Photograph: gurkirankaur/Instagram