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Race to eat Thailand's biggest burger

November 01, 2019 09:25 IST


Then this burger is meant for you. Here’s Chris Steaks and Burgers’ biggest meal -- a near 6 kg patty covered in fried onion rings, bacon and mayonnaise.

The Bangkok burger joint has become an internet sensation after YouTubers started challenging each other to eat this gargantuan snack in nine minutes.


Owner Komdech Kongsuwan, who says it is the country’s biggest burger, dreamed up the contest after three customers managed the feat.

He now offers a 10,000 baht (Rs 23,500) prize for anyone who can finish the mammoth snack in nine minutes -- one baht for every calorie.

The fact that it contains 10,000 calories isn't stopping new challengers from coming through the doors each day.

For the curious and confident, the beef version of the "6-kilogram Burger" costs 2,500 baht (Rs 5,800) and the pork one 3,500 baht (Rs 8,200).

All photographs: Jiraporn Kuhakan/Reuters