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Are you tough enough?

Last updated on: February 02, 2017 09:49 IST

Tough Guy, one of the most gruelling physical endurance challenges in the world, ran its last-ever edition recently in the village of Perton, in the English West Midlands.

More than 5,500 participants from 42 countries ran in this year's competition which began in 1987, over, under and through 250 obstacles, along eight miles of mud and freezing water.

Here are some glimpses of the crazy event. 

Competitors exit a tyre tunnel during the Tough Guy Challenge at South Perton Farm in Telford, England. All Photographs: Michael Steele/Getty Images 

Competitors make their way along ropes during the challenge.  

Competitors descend a high wooden frame obstacle. 

Competitors wade through muddy waters.   

A competitor rearranges his tie during the competition. 

A competitor in military uniform takes a breather.

A competitor falls backwards into muddy waters.  

A competitor screeches as he wades through freezing waters during the Tough Guy Challenge. 


Competitors wade through water. 

Competitors make their way through log obstacles. 

A competitor exits a tunnel.