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Believe it... This 'museum' is dedicated to eggs

September 06, 2018 08:50 IST

Egg enthusiasts, this is no time for yolking around: The glorious, versatile egg is finally getting the tribute it deserves in the form of an interactive pop-up – in New York.

Welcome to the Egg House where all things are egg. Take a look!

The Egg House allows egg lovers to immerse themselves in multisensory installations dedicated to everyone’s favourite oval ingredient. Conceived by an anonymous founder looking to create a fantastical escape from the real world, it was brought to life by a group of young talents who graduated from New York University, Parsons, SVA, and Pratt Institute with backgrounds in art, interior design, and marketing. Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram

The House is the domain of Ellis, who is, naturally, an egg. While most of the House suggests that Ellis lives a swanky lifestyle with a pool and a garden. Pictured here is the garden at the exhibit. Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram

When asked why have an exhibit dedicated to eggs, the founder said she chose to focus the space on the egg “because it’s universal”. “Eggs also represent breakfast and therefore mornings and energy -- everything that is great in this world,” she said. Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram

According to its website, the Egg House uses secret rooms, candy pools, swings and oversized object art to tell the story of Ellis the egg -- an “ambitious egg living in the Lower East Side.” After working nights and weekends “to keep the modest dream alive,” Ellis falls asleep, and we lucky humans get to explore his dreaming fantasy house. Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram


The exhibit also has a pool filled with caviar-shaped balls for those who dreamt of lazing amid eggs! Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram

Egg House guests will be able to exchange tokens for egg-based treats from featured food vendors. Visitors will also get a sample of eggnog while they're there, as well as coffee. Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram

The Egg House’s concept might not be ready to hatch quite yet. Admission is steep $18 (Rs 1,280). Photograph: @theegghouse/Instagram