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PHOTOS: Mexico's spoiled rich kids flaunt it all on Instagram

April 08, 2015 12:07 IST
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The guys pose with their designer watches and BMWs. The girls with their Gucci bags, sunglasses and Christian Louboutin shoes. Such are Mexico’s spoiled rich kids and you can meet them on Instagram.

The children of country’s elite flamboyantly display their wealth on the photo-sharing portal making themselves more visible than ever. Known as Mirreys (my kings), they show off with their champagne bottles and fast cars, post pictures of all that opulence with a hashtag.      

There are now under fire for the blatant show of their wealth in a country where a significant majority is poor. 

Here’s a look at Mexico’s ‘Generation Me’ as author Ricardo Raphael calls them in a book on the rise of mirreyes titled Mirreynato, the Other Inequality.

Most of these bratty youngsters come from wealthy businesses families, or have their parents working with the government, reports Macleans.    

They vacation in exotic locales and post images on the social media.

They travel in private jets and seem utterly untouchable -- and out of touch in a country that struggles with poverty and violence, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

"No matter where the money comes -- work, inheritance, theft, corruption or lottery -- the key is the purchasing power the Mirrey boasts," says Ricardo Raphael.

Flashy watches and expensive champagnes are commonly posted by these rich youngsters. 

And of course their luxurious cars. 

A website was set up in 2011 to mock these bratty kids --    

But despite its popularity not much as changed. These spoiled kids, most of them in their 20s, continue to show off their wealth.

The images of wealth are shocking as households take in an average of $12,850 per year, reports The Daily Mail.

Photographs: richkidsofmexico/Instagram 
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