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OH NO! Even Sheila Dikshit couldn't afford onions!

October 26, 2013 20:36 IST

"After weeks I ate onions today with bhindi," Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said on Saturday, admitting that the skyrocketing price of the vegetable had affected her kitchen too.

Dikshit's comments were made at a press conference at her official residence, where she explained various measures taken by her government to contain prices of onion, which has been selling for Rs 100 per kg.

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party immediately hit out at Dikshit, calling her remark a "white lie".

"Dikshit is telling a lie. She knows the people of Delhi are angry with her government because of high onion prices and it will impact the Congress in the elections. That is why she is trying to play the emotional card," said senior Delhi BJP leader Vijender Gupta.

"The comments also reflected her inability to contain the prices of onion. In a way, she has given the message that if the price of a vegetable or commodity is high, do not eat it," said the former Delhi BJP president.

In her briefing, the chief minister said people have been affected by high prices of the kitchen staple and exuded confidence that the rates will come down significantly in the next few days as a number of steps are being initiated by her government.

Both BJP and the Aam Admi Party have been attacking Dikshit over rocketing onion prices.

The BJP government was voted out of power in 1998 following high onion prices.


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