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The Obama visit: Of monkey catchers, porcupines and lollypops

Last updated on: November 04, 2010 11:20 IST

United States President Barack Obama will be in India on November 6 for his longest State visit yet. Apart from our own coverage, we provide you this one-stop blog of what the world media is saying about the visit and its significance

We don't know what to make of this analogy that Col. Uday Bhaskar begins his Reuters column with, but the issues he raises are all relevant:

How do two prickly and long estranged porcupines make friends? Cautiously and perhaps one quill at a time, which has to be carefully got out of the way as they begin to engage.

Read the piece here.

We know we have covered enough of Pakistan being miffed that he is not visiting Islamabad, but this one was too good to pass up: A visit for India, Lollypop for Pakistan.

If Pakistan and China are 'closely watching' Obama's visit, can our other neighbours be far behind. Here are the implications of the visit on, hold your breadth, Sri Lanka!

In Sri Lanka's Daily Mirror:

Except for a single piece by an Indian columnist, there is hardly any mention, leave alone assessment, in the Sri Lankan newspapers, of a portentous event with (at least) indirect implications for our country. The visit of the leader of the world's sole superpower to the South Asian region's preponderant power, at a time when the two states are strategic partners, is of great significance. It should be of cardinal significance to a small state on the doorstep of the regionally preponderant power.

And here's a heavy-duty piece from M K Bhadrakumar.

Before we leave you with this beauty: Monkey catchers on guard for Obama's visit.