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We dare the Obamas to do 7 things only Indians can

Last updated on: January 21, 2015 12:23 IST

Okay, so the President of the United States of America or POTUS is coming to India with his family.

The Obamas have a packed schedule during the three days they are here. But we still decided to go ahead and dare the most powerful man in the world to do some stuff that only Indians can endure. There are a couple of them for Michelle as well.

Dare # 1: Eat with your hands from a banana leaf… that too without a gravy stain on your shirt


Dare # 2: Take a ride on the Mumbai local at peak office hour… especially the Virar local!


Dare # 3: Jump a red light with a smile for the camera!


Dare # 4: Give the nation the answer it deserves and never ever, ever, ever argue with Arnab


Dare # 5: Take a ride in the desi Beast… without getting fleeced


Dare # 6: Watch at least 3 uncut episodes of Bigg Boss season 8


Dare # 7: Take a dip in the Ganga at Allahabad… (try not to disturb the floating bodies around)