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'Aug 7 Sino-India border talks to boost ties'

August 07, 2009 14:04 IST

China believes that the new round of Sino-India boundary talks to be held on August 7 and 8 in New Delhi will play a positive role in pushing forward bilateral relations.

The official Xinhua news agency quoted the spokesman of the Chinese delegation, Ma Chaoxu, as saying this on Thursday.

In an interview with New Delhi-based Chinese media, Ma said the two sides are expected to exchange views in depth about seeking a political solution to the Sino-India boundary problems and safeguarding the peace and calmness in the areas along the border of the two countries.

Ma said that at the present time, Sino-Indian relations are showing a momentum of good development. Political confidence is building between the two countries, while cooperation in trade and economic relations, defence and humanity has been expanding comprehensively.

Ma said China hopes to make common efforts with India to keep and push forward the momentum of good development in bilateral relations, increase strategic confidence, deepen mutual cooperation, and strengthen communications and coordination, so that the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries will move forward in a constant, smooth and healthy manner.

On Tuesday, China's Ambassador to India, Zhang Yan said: "Despite the twists and turns in China-India ties and border disputes, the two countries share the same historical responsibilities of developing economies, improving people's lives and safeguarding world peace and development, which requires them to properly handle existing problems with the utmost political wisdom."

Source: ANI