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Muslim killings: Shut Myanmar embassy in Pak, says Taliban

July 26, 2012 13:30 IST
Vowing to take revenge over the killing of Myanmar's Muslims after they refused to convert to Buddhism, the Tehrik-e-Taliban has warned the Pakistan government to close down Mayanmar's embassy in Islamabad.

In a statement to, TTP spokesperson Ihsanullah Ihsan said, "Regarding the current situation in Myanmar where Muslims are going through their toughest days, the TTP is with its brothers and sisters. We want to give a reminder to Muslims there that we haven't forgotten you, we will take revenge of your blood."

"We warn the Pakistan government to halt all relations with the Mayanmarese government and close down their embassy in Islamabad otherwise we will not only attack their interests everywhere but will also attack the Pakistani sympathisers one by one."

The TTP has also appealed to the media, especially from the Muslim countries, to focus on the killing of Muslims in Myanmar. "We appeal to the media especially, those who call themselves representatives of Muslims to broadcast the real situation of what is happening to Muslims in Myanmar," Ihsan said.

Last Friday, the Afghan Taliban, led by Mullah Omar, in a statement condemned the killing of Muslims in Myanmar and asked the world media especially Al-Jazeera television to present the real picture.

The Afghan Taliban said that the Muslims in Myanmar have been facing "oppression" and "savagery" for the past two months, such that was never previously witnessed in the history of mankind.

"The Muslims of Myanmar are targets of gross crime. Not only that, but they are also being expelled from their lands, forcefully ejected from their homes, their wealth is being usurped! And their honour looted while the whole world turns a blind eye to their plight," said a statement the Afghan Taliban.

"This is not only a crime against the Muslims of Myanmar but against all humankind," it added.


Tahir Ali in Islamabad