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United Jihad Council slams Pakistan over FIR against Lakhvi

February 13, 2009 20:47 IST
The United Jihad Council has criticised the Pakistan government on the Mumbai attack response, saying Islamabad had "fallen prey to Indian and American conspiracies".

In a statement, the UJC which is a conglomerate of various militant groups, headed by Hizbul Mujaheedin supreme commander, Syed Salah-ud-Din condemned the lodging of an FIR against Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhwi and five others in the Mumbai attacks.

"The FIR has been filed without any evidence. The foreign ministry has been consistently saying that India has so far provided only information which doesn't contain any evidence which could make basis for an FIR or a trial," Syed Sadaqat Hussain spokesman of Muzaffarabad based UJC said in a statement given to local press.

"After the arrival of the American diplomat, Richard Holbrooke what evidence has cropped up that Zaki-ur-Rahman
has become mastermind of the Mumbai attacks. Pakistan has caved in under the Indo-American conspiracy and forgotten the standards of justice and made innocent people as scapegoats. Justice demanded that Pakistan should have asked India for concrete evidence and made it public. Instead they have been unjust and we condemn it," the spokesman said.

In a statement the Lashkar-e-Tayiba spokesman Abdullah Ghaznavi termed the Pakistan decision as the country's "surrender before American and Indian pressure."

"India wants to portray the struggle for independence in Kashmir as a terrorist movement and that is why it has conspired against LeT. The US has fully supported India in her designs and Pakistan has meekly surrendered before both," Ghaznavi said.
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