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Handful of people planned, executed Mumbai blasts, say investigators

By Vicky Nanjappa
July 18, 2011 21:49 IST

Investigations into 13/7 Mumbai serial blasts case has revealed that there have been no cell phone records and no intercepts from Pakistan.

Investigators say that the fringe elements of the Indian Mujahideen got it right this time after failing thrice before at Delhi and Varanasi. Just ten men could have been part of this operation and none of them have ever been under the radar, sources in the investigating team said. Police have drawn a blank at Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Pune with no leads bringing forth any results. The Kolkata module is something that is keeping the police busy since the past couple of days and the investigation of Haroon, an operative arrested a month back, is what they are relying on. The sketches that the police have prepared are not proving to be very effective, which has made the job of the police tougher.

Further in the recent months there have been no specifics intercepts picked up either from Pakistan, Bangladesh or UAE to show that something to this effect was being planned. This gives an indication that the entire operation was carried out by homegrown terrorists.

Earlier it was claimed that several modules were used but now investigators realise that a handful of persons planned and executed the attack. They say that during the planning the use of cells phones was minimal and emails were never used. It appears that these men planned it at one place and all through the operation they stayed in touch without the use of any technology.

The manhunt seeking clues from the usual suspects is still on but as now the picture is not looking too good. Moreover, there is a good chance that the executors may have split up and fanned out into different parts of the country making the job of the investigators even more difficult.

Vicky Nanjappa