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More than courage ...: Modi after diving down to pray in submerged Dwarka

Last updated on: February 26, 2024 00:19 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday went scuba diving off the Panchkui beach coast in Dwarka in Gujarat and performed prayers as he witnessed the ancient Dwarka city of Lord Krishna, which is submerged in the waters.

IMAGE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi performs an underwater puja in the Arabian Sea at the site of the ancient submerged city of Lord Krishna's Dwarka, Gujarat, February 25, 2024. Photograph: ANI Photo

To pray there was a "very divine experience," he said.

Wearing a white diving helmet and ochre robes, Modi sat cross-legged on the sea bed, folded his hands in prayers while being helped by the Navy divers and waved peacock feathers before offering them to Lord Krishna.


"More than courage, it was faith," he said after coming out of the waters.

Scuba diving is conducted off the coast of Dwarka near Beyt Dwarka island, where people can see the underwater remains of ancient Dwarka that have been excavated by archaeologists.

Sharing his experience while addressing a gathering in Dwarka later in the day, Modi said when he was touching the ancient city, the picture of India's grandeur of the 21st century flashed before his eyes, and he remained inside the waters for a long time.

"The vision of Dwarka in the sea has further strengthened my resolve of a developed India," he said.

The PM also shared his experience with some photographs on X.

"To pray in the city of Dwarka, which is immersed in the waters, was a very divine experience. I felt connected to an ancient era of spiritual grandeur and timeless devotion. May Bhagwan Shri Krishna bless us all," he said in the post on X.

Addressing the gathering in Dwarka, Modi said he was overwhelmed with joy by the experience and fulfilment of his decades-old dream of touching the sacred city.

"I went deep into the sea and saw the ancient Dwarkaji. Archaeologists have written a lot about Dwarka which is immersed in the sea. A lot has been said about Dwarka in our scriptures also. It is said that Lord Vishwakarma himself had built the city of Dwarka," the PM said.

He said the ancient Dwarka city was a good example of planning and development of a great city, and when he was having its darshan in the sea, he experienced "the same ancient grandeur and divinity."

"I bowed to Lord Shri Krishna there. I also took peacock feathers with me which I offered to Lord Krishna," he said.

The prime minister said that for many years, he was very curious about going into the sea and touching whatever remains of the ancient city of Dwarka and paying his respects.

"My wish of many years was fulfilled today. I am thrilled, overwhelmed with emotions. You can imagine how much joy I would have felt when the dream that I had nurtured for decades was fulfilled today by touching that sacred land," he said, sharing his experience.

Modi also offered prayers at the Lord Sri Krishna temple at Dwarka.

In the morning, he inaugurated 'Sudarshan Setu', the country's longest cable-stayed bridge of 2.32 km, on the Arabian Sea connecting Beyt Dwarka island to mainland Okha in Devbhumi Dwarka district.

He also inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of Rs 4,100 crore projects covering the districts of Devbhumi Dwarka, Jamnagar and Porbandar.

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