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'Great loss for the world'

February 03, 2003 20:06 IST
Sorry to hear about such a tragic loss

sincere condolences

Name:Raghu Boddu
My condolences!!

Name:amrita bihani
u must have received tons of such messages,anywayz i just wanted 2 say tht may God be with you at this moment,and give u all strength to cope with this tragic situation.

Name:prashant bankar
we all will miss her.she was a great inspiration to the youth.we all will remember her by looking at stars ....

Name:jaya sudhakar garladinne
We have lost a brilliant Indian women who is undoubtedly the model for lots of Indian women

Name:Hasan Shaikh, IGCAR, DAE, Kalpakkam
Kalpana was a darling of millions of Indians for she did us proud with her achievements. Her achievements would be hard to beat for many of us over a number of lifetimes. In her we have lost a torchbearer for many of our future generations. We are wit you in this moment of grief.Pl accept our condolences.

it is very difficult to bear this moment of sorrow for whole country but she is great,bring proud to her family and country others upcoming indians should follow her footstep.

she will always keep us proud ...she was not a daughter of kamal but the daughter of india...!!!

every indian should should be proud of her

Name:Rajan Verma
Kalpana is the epitome of our 'Kalpana'.....our imagination and dreams...she has shown that dreams can be realised with courage,conviction and relentless hardwork! That single-handedly she has achieved her goal proves that nothing is impossible.My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends and I pray to God to bless her soul....India mourns for you have gone there where dreams take birth....the sky!!!.....India is proud of you Kalpana!

It is a real shock. It is a big loss for the entire humanity. Her life is a source of inspiration for the millions of Indians.

Name:Samir Kelekar
She was India's very best. Hats off to her, and may her soul rest in peace. In solidarity with her relatives and family. 

Name:arijit paul
people who are gone never come back again but they only leave their memories which trouble us who live in this earth.but u all should proud that she had completed her mission for which the taskmaster sent her on this earth. all my wishes for u all i know i m very small before all u but i am with u

Name:Akhil K Das
Kalpana stands out as one of the PIO who did her country proud in recent times. In fact, I would place her next to President Kalam of great Indians of the very recent times.

Kalpana has really done us all proud... She will always be remembered with pride and reverence

Name:G Viswanath
India lost a chance to decorate Lapana Chawla with the Bharat Ratna some years ago. Even now India can make amends. In my estimation she is easily India's woman of the 20th century.

Name:Nishant Saran
To achieve greatness in a short time, is not a task undertaken by mortals, its ordeal for th blessed and super human. Kalpana who achieved so much in so little time is a blessed soul, and blessed are always close to the hearts of God, for they are special. Therefore mourn not the cessation of life of wonderful human being hat Kalpana was, but take solace in the fact that she is now one with the Supreme Creator. Alas, the fraility of human mire and blood, for we cannot understand such great deed, hence accept my heartfelt deepest condolence at the fading of a star, an inspiration for millions. Deeply grieved One among the millions of Indians

Name:mohamed ibrahim
We lose a young scientist .Make her dream India.condolence to her family

She is a true heroine and an inspiring story

kalpana,u will be the brightest star in the sky.

Space odyssey is a prerogative of a selected few. Ms.Kalpana Chawla lived ,what many a person only dreamt of. She shall remain an inspiration for all Indians .

Name:Geetha and Raj Samayam
May her soul rest in peace and God be with her soul. Sorry for your loss.
May her dreams be alive and an inspiration to every child in the world

Name:vino Manchanda
My heart goes out to her family in this moment of greif . All Indians are proud of hear .It is loss to the nation. Ifeel as if i have lost a member of the family .

Today we are proud & brave enough to say that kalpana chawla belonged to India .We deeply regret her demise

I deeply regret for what has happend, and hope such incidents will not take any more lives in future.

Name:mohamed ibrahim
We lose a young scientist.Condolence to her family

 Name:Girish Nandagopal
dear family of ms.Kalpana Chawla, i deeply mourn the demise of ms chawla.she was a inspiration to every indian. i am very much sure she is going to play in the stars with the angels .for the family,i pray to god for the strength to overcome the pain and loss. god bless.

Name:Neha Shah
I am among the thousands who were inspired by Kalpana's zest for life. And at this time, as i look back at those days, when she emerged as my role model, I feel, that thogh i never personally knew her, she was a part of my heart...ill never forget her...and promise to carry on her determination and perseverence in whatever i do..

My condolence to the family of Kalpana Chawla

Only thing I can tell is that its going to take years to have another Kapana Chawla in india

Name:Vinay s.Sonawane
It is very sad news that we all indians are hard to digest but, we all have to face this truth that she is no more. Her courage,her devotion to work and strong desire to do something new, will inspire us all Indians. You are not alone....

Name:Min Hu
Though I am Chinese, I would like to give a deep condolence to all the Indians and her family.

Name:Mehernosh Shroff
No words can describe the grief you bear, & i cannot even imagine the pain u bear...all i can say that im proud of takes something special to be where she did. No,I do not grieve for her...cause for me,she lives on..yet..the body is just a shell..the soul will live on forever.I salute her.

Name:Anil Kumar Sharma
Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky!

Name:Mayank Sharma
May her soul rest in peace. She was a jewel in the crown.

Name:Samuel Karkada
May the departed soul rest in peace.

Name:Pradeep Dixit
It really a shocking news to hear. We all are with teh Chawala's.

Name:Durgappa Moger
Please send my condolences to her family. She is idol for all young indians. Being indians we are all very proud of her. Let her soul rest in peace.

She was a heroine.She bring proud to ure haryana, india.

Name:Ravi Shrivastav
words fail.

its really unbelievable, Kalpana is an inspiration for young Indians, lets all pray to Almighty for the souls of these great astronauts.

Name:Mrs.Chandni Rehman
Ms. Kalpna Chawla hasmade us proud. Infact, her hard work and achievements inspire us to encourage to at least follow her path of dedication to whatever they do in life. Her death, we know is an irrepairable damage to one and all but may her soul live in peace. God should give you courage to face the trauma.

kalpana, every indian is proud of u,what u have achived i dont think any in indian can achive in coming 5-10years, or may be more, hats of to u kalpana, u made every indian to cry and feel the gravity of the situation ,may r soul rest in peace

Name:Tapan Kulkarni
My condolences to bereaved family.Kalpana Chawla

has done every Indian proud.Her tragic death is blow to her family as well as to the nation.

Name:Rohit Mehra, Amritsar.
Sitaron Se Aage Jahan Aur bhi hai.........know there is our Kalpna Didi too in that world she has done India proud and i am sure the other people will try to fullfill her dream and to start where she left from.......

I hope the success story of Kalpana inspires many other Indians to aim for much more.

Kalpana was a symbol for faith , belief and of all courage. She dared to dream and made all her dreams come true. Her death has moved us . She will always be alive in every Indian. She is a source of inspiration for all the Indian girls & women to fight against all odds to meet their desired ends. I pay my sincere condolences for the brave who will persist for eternity in our hearts.

Name:Aashish Nischal
She has shown a path on which many would follow but her achievements and dedication will remain unmatched.

Name:Neha Shah
I am among the thousands who were inspired by Kalpana's zest for life. And at this time, as i look back at those days, when she emerged as my role model, I feel, that thogh i never personally knew her, she was a part of my heart...ill never forget her...and promise to carry on her determination and perseverence in whatever i do..
what can i say? what should i say??? i can only say, every girl of the country becomes like her, dream like her!!!! And like every Indian i am proud of her..My sorrows to her family!!!God give them the courage to this loss!!!The whole world is mourning with u Chawlas and her hubby.

Name:Lakshmi Shankar
Our heartfelt condolences to the family of the great heroine Kalpana for whom this is a great loss. She has done her family, her state, her nation proud. May her soul rest in peace.

Name:Bhupesh B
A personal loss for my family - India! Words could not console you, but, I knew, your daughter has made your not only your family, but her nation, India, proud. My sincere condolences to her family members and friends. Let her inspiration create one more Kalpana Chawla somewhere in this 100 crore people- to fulfill her aspirations Bhupesh B

I am very much shocked to hear this incident which took away our own sister in the form of Kalpana. Who would have dreamt of this incident? She's done a great proud to our country and we can only say that MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE. India wants more Kalpana's and for that every Indian should pray that we get more Kalpana's who can do our country proud.

Name:Shadagopan E
This is a moment of great tragedy....unfortunately, in life there is no 'undo' button'

Name:Ajey Jacob
My deep Condolences! She was great.

Name:Ravi M
I am deeply saddened by the incident. Kalpana made India so proud and became a role-model for all the young indians interms of hardwork and achieving goals in life. May the indian pride's sole rest in peace.

Name:Ajey Jacob
My deep Condolences! She was great.

Name:Karthik Srinivasan
I for one really feel that Kalpana Chawla is a heroine.Its not easy for a girl and that too from India to scae the heights that she did.It surely is a tribute to her hard work and perseverance.Its really a tragedy that the swan song should end so abruptly but at the same time she has left behind a blazing trail for other indian girls to follow and Iam sure in the future India will produce many more Astronauts not least due to the Inspiration they gained from her Life Story.During this moment of bereavement I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to her near and dear ones.May her spirit rest in peace.Amen.

Name:Jawahar NSK
I am from Bangalore. I was deeply moved when I heard this. A few weeks back, I saw Kalpana's picture in the spaceship and now it is really a very tragic time. She lived for humanity and I pray god for her soul to rest in peace.

hats off to such a lady!

It's a great loss for the world.

India has lost an enterprising astronaut.My hearty condolences to the bereaved memmbers of her family T.N.Balachandran

Name:Chinmay Varma
Dear Kalpana , You are immortal. When ever we look to heavens ,we will always see you up there with the stars. India is proud of you and you made Indians proud. God bless you.

She was not just an Astrounat , but was an inspiration for many people like me who dream always in space..

Name:dhaval patel
we have missed one of the great astronauts of india,a great loss for us as she was the first indian born astronaut

Name:Madhur Chandna
It is still unbelievable, that Kalpana and the fellowmen are not with us anymore. I pray to the Almighty, let there be a miracle, which gets all those precious lives, back to the planet. God, please don't let those precious and noble lives to be wasted by such an end. Indeed the life, the entire humanity needs them.

Name:Arup Chakravarty
My heartfelt condolences to the family of a lady whom i knew only through the media but who has touched my life to a deep extent. Please take care and solace in the fact that she must have had a safe touchdown in the heavenly abode. I salute her for being herself.

Name:Sujata Mahajan
We are extremely distressed to learn about the Columbia disaster and more so about OUR Kalpana...such a qualified girl who was,at the same time,Modesty personified.We never knew her personally but thought we would congratulate her on her return.Your loss is as much ours and while we pray to the Lord to grant peace to her soul we also pray that He give you courage to bear the calamity.Hers was a life well-lived and she has done all Indians proud.Indeed we are so much in awe of her.

Name:Venkat Subramanian
This is an insurmountable tragedy! Its a great loss to the human kind & India as a nation. She has truly done all Indians proud, by achieving what she stood for. In her, we have lost a great human, a great scientist and least but not the least a GREAT INDIAN !!! May God give her soul the needed peace and her friends / family the much needed strength at this hour of great human tragedy. She is a great icon who will be missed for many years to come.......endless is her achievements at such a young age.

Name:Jayesh Talpade
We have lost the only Indian of recent times, who made us feel proud to be Indian. In these times of corruption and despair, where there is no one to look up to, she made an example of herself and gave us hope. For us, here we have lost someone from our family. There may not be as many elaborate eulogies for her, with full page ads, as there have been in the recent past for a few celebrities, but, the whole of ordinary India mourns for her. Take care sweet lady, wherever you are, and God Bless

Name:Sarma U. V.
Kalpana is a fantastic character in every Indian's heart. She achieved something not so easy for someone born in a village in India. Its fact, every moment in an astronaut's life is risky. I'm sure that Kalpana is very well aware of the same. For the courage and exemplary dedication and service towards the humanity by participating in the form of research made her one of the loving daughters of the country. Every citizen remembers her always and she is a role model for the entire younger generation to lead their life and service to the nation. May her soul rest in peace. We all Indians are proud of you dear Kalpana!

Name:Saurabh Sharma
I was born in karnal...I was there when she first ventured into space....The feeling of pride that I felt could not be put down in words. And here I am in a foreign land today looking at the images with something stuck in my throat...I am Proud of must be proud of her...humanity is proud of her.... Oft i dreamed of space....the final frontier...and now as I shall look up....I shall see another star...bright and inspiring...Kalpana Chawla...The legend... lives on...

We are all very proud of Kalpana Chawla. We are very much sad about her death. But she has become immortal for us.

Name:Amrita Bihani
u must have received tons of such messages,anywayz i just wanted 2 say tht may God be with you at this moment,and give u all strength to cope with this tragic situation.