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Manipur govt has failed to end crisis, CM must go: BJP

November 11, 2011 20:42 IST

BJP has demanded the Central government to act decisively to end the deadlock in the state. Onkar Singh reports.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Yashwant Sinha and national spokesperson and MP Prakash Javadekar in a joint press conference have demanded the immediate dismissal of Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh. The BJP leaders said that Singh's government had failed to provide relief to the people of the state, who have been struggling due to the shortage of petrol, cooking gas and essential commodities for over three months now. 

"The blockade of national highways by militant outfit, which has chocked all supplies to the landlocked state of Manipur, has completed 103 days. The sufferings of the people are unthinkable. It is not only that those essential commodities are not available and people have to shell a fortune to purchase them, but to also access these commodities they have to surrender to the black-market," the BJP leaders said.

They claimed that the state government, instead of acting against black marketeers and ensuring proper supply, was hand in glove with the militants, who were blocking roads and also sharing the loot.

"This amounts to failure of the state government and the Central government in discharging their duties. Can we imagine any other highway being allowed to be blocked like this for such a long period? This puts a question mark on the very intentions of the Central government. This shows their callous attitude and total insensitivity," said the BJP leaders.

Sinha and Javadekar claimed that the people of Manipur were angry against this inaction and have been asking a straight forward question, "whether the Central government thinks Manipur is a part of India or not?"

"As the state has failed in sorting out the deadlock, maintaining law and order and is engaged in massive corruption, BJP demands immediate dismissal of Ibobi Singh led Secular Progressive Front government. BJP also demands that the Central government should immediately and decisively act to end the deadlock," Javadekar said.
A high level BJP delegation met the prime minister and apprised him of the worsening situation in the state of Manipur 10 days ago but there has not been any progress. "We put our anguish on record. There is a need to assuage the feelings of the people of Manipur and we demand that the government send an all-party delegation to Manipur on the lines a delegation sent to J&K," the BJP leaders said.

Onkar Singh in New Delhi